Bullys and school violence


School violence is the name given to the violence occurring in today’s schools. Violent children of the schools are troubling other children. They bully other students, threaten them and beat them. They are even using weapons like knives and guns for killing students, teachers and principals. If you look into the history of school violence then you will find large number of cases where violent students have killed other student, teachers and other people of school.
School age is a very small age and such kind of attitude in this age is not at all tolerable. Steps should be taken to prevent such kind of inhuman attitude at the school level otherwise this kind of attitude will keep on increasing.
Reasons for this kind of violence are-
Ø      Lack of love and affection form parents.
Ø      Parents fighting in front of kids and showing violence at home.
Ø      Parents using abusive language in front of them.
Ø      Films and media showing violence.
Ø      Depression or any kind of stress and anxiety.
Ø      Illegal availability of weapons.
Ø      Illegal buying of weapons becomes easy.
Ø      Schools are not paying much attention towards such issues.
Ø      Guards of the school are not checking the children, their lockers and bags.
Ø      Teachers are not paying attention towards children.
Ø      No counselors and psychiatrists are there to guide them.
Ø      Lack of counseling.
Ø      Lack of assistance and guidance during difficulties.
These are the reasons because of which students are becoming violent. Though it is difficult to change the violent nature of the children but it is not at all impossible. School authorities and parents can change it easily by taking proper steps and measures.
Ø      Give children proper love and affection at home and school.
Ø      Environment of the home should be very comfortable. Children are allowed to speak whatever they want to. Relationship between parents and children should be so strong that they can easily speak out their heart to them.
Ø      Parents should keep an eye on their kids and if they feel any kind of suspicious activity then they should have a word with them.
Ø      Teachers should also make children so comfortable that they can easily come to them and can talk to them without any difficulty.
Ø      A check is required on the kinds of films and TV shows they are watching. If they watch any kind of violent shows or films then they will incur violent attitude too. So they should not watch things that are showing violence.
Ø      They should be given proper counseling so that they can easily solve their difficulties.
Ø      School guards should check their bags and lockers regularly and if they find any kinds of weapons in their bags or lockers then they should report it to the school.
Ø      School should take strict action against such kind of violence.
By adopting these steps you can easily prevent school violence and can easily save children from becoming violent.