School Violence and Bullying

Exactly what is meant by school violence?


School violence can be defined as a form of violence that is committed in today’s schools. Children are being troubled by violent children. These violent children harass other students, threaten them and physically hurt them. They are wont to use deadly weapons in sowing mortal harm to fellow students, to their teachers and to their principals. A brief history of school violence shows a large number of cases wherein violent students have killed other students, teachers and other people in the school.

This kind of occurrence with younger ages, especially school age individuals should not be tolerated. Preventive measures must be taken to prevent the development of such an inhuman attitude at the school level or else this will continue on an upward trend.


Causes for  this kind of violence can be listed as follows:


Ø  Lack of love and affection from the child’s parents

Ø  Parental bickering and fights in front of the children at home

Ø  The use of abusive language by parents in front of children.

Ø  Violence filled media and films.

Ø  Stress, anxiety and depression in the child.

Ø  Availability of weapons.

Ø  Easy accessibility to weapons.

Ø  Non-prioritization of this issue in the schools.

Ø  Lax security in school.

Ø  Non compassionate attitudes of teachers towards children.

Ø  No guidance for children due to lack of counselors or psychiatrists.

Ø  Counseling is non-existent.

Ø  Minimal or no assistance and guidance during difficulties and problems.


These are the causes by which students are turning violent. It may be difficult to change the violent nature of these children but not impossible. School administrators and parents can change this nature by following certain steps and measures.


Ø  Provide love and affection at home and school for the children.

Ø  The home environment should be conducive for communication and comfort for the children. The bond between parent and child should be one of mutual trust and understanding.

Ø  Parents should monitor their children and should suspicious activities be noticed, a dialogue should be set up with the child or children,

Ø  Teachers should make themselves open and approachable by making the child comfortable and trusting.

Ø  Proper monitoring of the kinds of movies and entertainment that they watch as this will be a factor in the child becoming violent.

Ø  Children should be given proper counseling on how to solve their difficulties.

Ø  Security in school should be tightened to prevent entry of dangerous weapons.

Ø  School should take appropriate action and measures against violence that occurs.


In following the outline of steps then perhaps the occurrence of children becoming violent will be prevented.