Child Abuse: A contributing Factor to School Violence

There are two institutions that determine the personality of a child; they are the home and the school. What every child becomes is a reflection of the kind of home he comes from as well as the kind of school he has attended. A properly discipline home full of love and affection for the child is likely to produce a responsible and good child in every sense of the word. On the other hand, a home based on poor discipline, and where there is insufficient love and affection tends to produce a child that is irresponsible and with many negative traits. In the same vain, the schools that a child attends are also a reflection of the kind of person he will eventually grow to be. On this note, it is worth noting that the parents should ensure that the schools they take their children are of good quality. All these tips are giving in the faith that the child should be responsible and be free from violence tendency, not to talk of involving in school violence.


In the past, one hardly hears the incidence of crises or violence in schools; however the incidence is on the increase these days at an alarming rate. The disheartening thing about school violence is that children use weapons like knives, cutlasses and guns against their fellow students, the teachers and the staff of the school. They do that fearlessly and mercilessly. Some teachers, students and staff are left with serious injuries. Properties of considerable sums may be lost. The rioting students are usually an angry mob that confronting them requires armed law enforcement agents.


The parents are seriously scared these days as to the kind of school to take their child. They are afraid of the safety of their children. Schools with high records of cases of violence are avoided when it comes to registering a child to school. The parents can not be blamed for such preferential choice, for no one will like to register his child into a school only for the child to be terrified, harmed or even killed.


Insult on the very persons of some students may be a cause for eruption of violence. Though this is only applicable to a child that has developed violence tendency, however it is still a factor responsible for out break of violence in schools. Some children may endure the aggressive treatments of their teachers only for sometimes. When it reaches a certain level they react with violence. Therefore, discipline and punishments in forms of drills should be done with care, as the children may read that as dislike and may return it with what they may consider counter dislike. Well in general, we all know that, child abuse is not an acceptable conduct in the society. There is every need for us to be careful in dealing with children. We should execute punishment as at when due with caution, not to exceed limits.


The issue of child abuse as a factor that contribute in igniting the fire of school violence must be taken with seriousness in order for us to reduce the tendency of sudden eruption of violence as a result of that.