Knowingly or unknowingly, school violence has become a force to reckon with across the globe. As some children get injured by engaging each other in a combat, others either arrogate bullies upon themselves to harass the weaker ones; while some are bullied out of the class. It is undeniable that a bully is one of the easiest reasons that sparks off violence. Bullies are very common among the children that come from homes where abusive language, drugs and alcohols and fighting have becoming a way of life. We can also have bullies rise from different but spoilt home.


The bully’s harassment is manifested while the school is on break. It can even be before or after school hours. No student dares retaliation because of the fear of merciless beating. As these continue, it increasingly making life difficult for the less priviledge students to attend school or concentrate on his/her studies. Some of them that forcefully bear the harassment secretly nurse revenge towards the bullies and everyone else. At the fullness of time when he could no longer swallow the insult, he becomes so wild that either attempt to kill every one around him including the bully or in extreme cases commits suicide.


Worst still, bully often force another student to do things not necessarily convenience to his captive, including going to toilet together. In some other cases, other bullies get their own assignments done for them by the other brilliant ones. As some get hurt for using abusive language, others are boiling within but could not voice out for the fear of maximum beating. What a humiliation and human degradation!


It is essentially required that the parents, teachers, school authorities and students come to round table to eliminate this social menace and modern slavery. The authorities are required to make available some boxes under lock and keys where students are encourage dropping the complaints anonymously. As the boxes are open at least twice a week, the accused student bully should be invited along with evidences. If found guilty of the allegation, his/her parents should be informed while appropriate action ranging from interrogation to counseling for re-orientation and reformation.


Clearly speaking, the bully student should not be subjected to humiliation or abusive. Love and respect should rather be showered on such student. By this treatment, it is most likely that he is receptive to the counsel and guide and possibly renounces his old ways of behavior. Where after all these, the bully refuse to change, then urgent action needs taken against him. This include suspension or dismissal before polluting and destroy other students with himself. The parents could even be advised to send him to a rehabilitation homes for reformations.


The time has finally come to disseminate information about school violence and the impact of bullying. Urgent and strict steps should then be taken to eliminate the menace.