Is bullying an important factor for violence in school?

One of the major things that come up in anyone’s mind while talking about school violence is bullying. Bullying is a tactic adopted by poor and not so financially stable strong guys who threat their weak fellow rich students for the purpose of money and some other reasons. They are also able to create a feeling of fear in their minds which lets them get away with anything they want to do with them. There are also a different group of violent students on the campus. These are people who see lot of domestic violence or the environment at their homes is not very pleasant which makes them sad and depressed and they finally end up showing their feelings to the people in school in the form of violence. They become the goons of the school and scare every person they see around.


Whatever might be the reasons, bullying has always created a feeling of fear and nervousness in the minds of the parents and the students alike. Bullying is not just physical assault but also oral abusing and forcing people to do things which they would not like to do. There are also students who are actually so scared and commit suicides as they find it difficult to tackle such issues in school. But at the same time there are students who do not react much and keep all their anger within themselves but very few know that their patience would reach a limit one day and result in bigger violence on the campus.


There has always been a question whether bullying should be allowed or not because there are people who do in a light hearted way for fun. Bullying help the juniors get acquainted with their seniors on their first day or during the first week of school. But the problem is created when some students cross the line and take bullying to the next level which is very dangerous. It is not possible to go behind each and every student and check what he is doing. So it is better to abolish bullying in school irrespective of whether it is light hearted or very serious and strict actions should be taken against students who violate this abolishment.


Punishing or taking the bullies into custody is not really good enough. They should be made aware of the kind of impact their activities have on other people and the society in large. Moreover, people should try to know why are these people indulging in such bullying acts and what is the reason for it. This would help them understand the root causes and curing the problem at the root will the only way in which such incidents could be brought to a halt.


If the students are just charged or imprisoned, nothing would change. They would just stay in prison for sometime and start the same thing again after they come out of the jail.


Bullying should be weeded out at the roots itself as this is the major cause for school violence. People who indulge in bullying must be made to sit or got through workshops for meditation and yoga, etc. The teachers should also play a part here and try to move closely with the students to find out the problems with the students if they have any. At the same time, parents should also communicate and interact with their children and try to know or keep themselves updated on things that are happening with their kids and also in their schools. They should ensure that he kids are not indulging in violent behaviour.