Bully's role in school violence

One of the common reasons for school violence is bullying acts committed in broad daylight. It is quite disturbing for the bullied person as he or she might go under various stress and unpleasant moods. It might sound childish or not matured but yes bullying does have adverse effects on the person’s mind. If these effects are not strayed away there are chances where it might be difficult for the person to face the world out there. Bullying acts are usually performed before school, there are times where they have taken place in breaks or after school hours. After school hours are commonly seen. This time is one of the most difficult times to handle as no support is present from friends neither family. If the person is bullied at the start of the school there are chances of complaining to school authorities. At times it is not possible to speak and the student has a bad day to attend at school. His or her concentration in studies for the entire day is nil. The person is in constant fear of being bullied again. Such mindsets are not good according to the age of the student. It can cause stress and upset mind throughout the day.


In some cases if the bullied person retorts back there are chances where a fist fight can take place. At times school crimes and violence has taken place due to such fights. These fights are nothing but reply for the unethical act done by the other person. If the bully picks are wrong guy there are chances where the bully might face serious trouble. Bullying has two effects, both these two effects are worse if such situation arises. At times the bullied person might become violent and start attacking the bully and his friends. Such attack cases have been registered in the past where the bullied has starting attacking. Taking law into hands and at times situations has travelled to gun fight too. This is one side of effect of bullying. The other side is of mental problems being faced by the individual. Extreme step is taking where the person might think of ending his or her life. Committing suicide is not rare either. Bullying can have catastrophic effects on the child’s mind. Such steps are taken so that the bullied does not face the bad world out. Bullying is the main reason for school violence.


All this can be solved if parents and teachers have better understanding. Use of special boxes can be done. This is a technique which is followed by various schools. Complaints can be dropped in these boxes where such bullying activities can be brought ahead of school authorities. Tracking of bully can be done with the use of this technique. It is also important that the bully needs to be treated in a delicate manner. Even he deserves respect and love. One of the main concerns should understand the cause behind such violent activities and treatment should be conducted.