School violence and role of Bully’s

First of all, let us discuss what is term ‘school violence’?

School violence is the violent attitude or behavior that is seen in children in the school premises nowadays. It is increasingly at a rapid rate. These violent kids also trouble the other kids of the school. They threaten other children, bully them and also to some extent, beat or kill them. They make use of weapons in the schools such as guns, knives, etc. If you go through the history of school violence, you will come across a number of cases wherein the violent children have made an effort to kill the other children, teachers and other staff of the school. The school age is indeed a young age for these things and this type of attitude in such a small age is indeed intolerable. One needs to take successive steps to protect his child from developing inhuman attitudes at the school level itself, or else such type of attitude will be on its peak.

Let’s see the reasons behind such type of violent behavior. The list is almost needless, however to name a few:

  • Depression or any type of anxiety and stress
  • Lack of affection, love and support from the teachers and parents
  • Media, films and T V shows showing violence
  • Parents arguing or fighting in front of the child and show violent behavior at home
  • Availability of weapons like knives or guns in an illegal way
  • Parents using abusive language, bad words in front of the kid
  • Purchase of weapons illegally is very easy nowadays
  • Teachers fail to pay attention towards the students
  • Schools do not give much importance to these issues
  • School guards fail to check the bags, and lockers of the students
  • Lack of psychiatrists and counselors to guide the child in the school
  • No guidance and assistance in their difficult times
  • No counseling

These are some of the important reasons due to which children are seen getting violent. Even though, it might be somewhat difficult to modify the child’s violent nature, it is not impossible to do the same. Parents with the help of the school authorities can modify it easily by taking following correct measures and steps.

  • Parents need to supervise their child continuously and if they find that he is engaged in some suspicious activity, immediately they can talk to him regarding that.
  • Give your child the needed affection and love at school as well as home that he deserves naturally.
  • Teachers can make an effort to make children feel comfortable at school. This will help them to approach the teacher easily and have a word with them without any hassle in their difficult times.
  • The atmosphere at the home should be very friendly and comfortable. They should be given the freedom of speech. The parent-child relationship should be strong enough that the child will speak up easily with the parents any time and about anything.
  • You need to keep an eye on the type of television shows and movies watched by your kid. If you find them watching any violent movie or show, they will definitely develop the similar attitude.