Bullying- the cause of school violence


When we talk about school violence, one of the most important reasons that lead to it is bullying. There are students who are physically strong, very well-off, come from affluent families and act as bullies by intimidating students who are poor, weak and timid by nature. These bullies enjoy the act of bullying other vulnerable students and in creating a sense of fear towards them in their minds. On the other hand, there are students who come from very poor backgrounds, homes where infighting among parents is common, abuses are hurled at each other and even homes where the father comes home drunk and beats the mother. Students hailing from such backgrounds carry a lot of inner aggression and anger and this spills out in the form of violence in school. They turn into bullies and intimidate others.
Whatever be the case, bullying is and has always been a source of great worry for students and parents alike since years. Bullying can be in the form of abusive language, making the student commit stupid and humiliating acts and physical abuse. At times, there are students who are very vulnerable and cannot stand being bullied and even resort to ending their lives or dropping from that school. There are even those who silently and timidly bear all the bullying and continue their studies but within them, they are developing a volcano that can explode at any point and result in greater violence.
A question that is often asked is whether bullying should be allowed in mild form or for fun only. When new students enter school, they can be mildly bullied and made to sing, dance or act out funny characters in front of their seniors and in this manner, they get to know each other. But the problem is that a control cannot be kept on the extent of bullying and there are innumerable cases where the line is crossed. It is not possible to monitor each student and hence the act of bullying should be completely abolished and strict action should be taken towards students who indulge in it.
At the same time, just reprimanding or punishing the bullies is not enough. They need to be made understood the futility of their actions and the immoral impact on society. The inner and deeper emotions of the bullying students should be understood and the reason behind them indulging in such actions should be gauged and proper counselling should be conducted to make them realise their mistakes and reform them into better human beings. That is the only solution to stop bullying.
Merely rusticating the bullying students will not solve the problem. They will react back in a stronger and angrier manner and resort to other forms of violence to vent out their anger.
Bullying is a major cause of school violence and adequate attention and care should be given to treat this malice. Workshops on anger management, yoga and positive attitude should be held in school. Teachers should regularly interact with students and make themselves easily accessible to the students so that they can come up to them to discuss any inner problems that they are going through. Similarly parents should also communicate with their children daily and ask them about their daily activities and gauge whether all is well with their child and that he/she is not indulging in any aggressive behaviour or being subject to such behaviour.