Without mincing word, each and every time we hear about any acts of violence in our schools, directly or indirectly it can always be traceable to bullying. Some students that are naturally weak, timid or poor are in most cases at the mercy of those that either come from affluent families, physically strong or well built. They simply derive pleasure in the acts of bullying over the victims and deliberately create in their hearts fear. Whereas, there are some natural born fighters, though come from a very poor background, but inherited constant fighting, yelling, cursing, abuse and alcoholic from parents. These kinds of children are like a Dane gun, wounded lion or time bombs that turn into bullies and intimidate his/her mates.


Bullying has many faces, it can come in forms of abusive language, enforcing the students to engage in illogical and humiliating tasks and it can even be physical abuse.  Sometimes some students are so fragile and defenseless to bear up with the shame and pressure; they are forced out of school or commit suicide. Some others are secretly nursing bitterness and hatred in their hearts, this accumulates until it gets to a stage that further torture could escalates in unprecedented violence. Whichever way you look at it, bullying has always constitute concern to students and parents over the years.


Even the so called mild or fun bullies are not controllable. A new student who was asked to sing and dance or act funnily in the name of familiarity, introducing control here is very minimal and can be overdo. It is therefore recommended that bully in any guise should be abolished in all schools.


Unless the students are made to realize the uselessness of the actions and the moral question it raise, it is of no need to rebuke or visit the offence on any students. The psychology and temperament of the students bullying should be taken into account. These students should be subjected to proper counseling and re-orientation, in the process, their mistakes could be pointed out, and it is hopeful that they turn a new leaf.


To expel them out of school can at best be a temporal solution; they will eventually be menace wherever they find themselves. Workshop on anger management and moral behavior should be fixed at interval. Teachers should consciously remove the seeming communication barrier between students and teachers so as to enhance a cordial and intimate relationship. Similarly, parents should maintain close relationship with their children. Set time apart for informal questions and answers between them and be willing to held them out of their imagined predicaments.