What Parents Can do about their Bullying Child

Sometimes a child can become a bully at school and come from a stable home. There can be a number of reasons as to why a child from a good home becomes a bully and it is ideal for the parents to find out why their child had chosen to bully others. Many times a parent may not realize that the cause is right in front of their nose until the fact their child is a bully is brought to their attention and they talk to their child about their behavior.

And yes, it can be rather devastating for a parent to learn that their child is a bully. It is easy to want to be angry with the other kids or the adult bringing the news to the parent, but it is ideal to be realistic about the situation. Every parent has to admit that their child is not always perfect and should intervene to ensure that their child is corrected in their actions. If they are not corrected, their own actions could become violent or drive another student to become violent at school.

Here are some ways a parent can help their bullying child:

  • Talk to your child about specific incidents in which they bullied another child. Ask questions that will help you to determine the reasons behind your child’s bullying. Discuss options that will serve as alternatives to being a bully. This is the perfect opportunity to role-play ways in which your child can interact with other children.
  • If you don’t have close friend or family that have older children your child can spend time with, look into a program such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters so that your child can learn better social skills by example.
  • If you must resort to disciplinary action, harsh punishment can add to the already existing harsh behavior. Do such things as having your child write a note of apology to the child they are bullying, remove certain things your child likes such as video games, or give the child chores without an allowance.
  • Try to remove your child from situations that may encourage him or her to become violent, such as restricting socializing with friends who may be violent. This is a good time to look into organized youth activities through churches, hospitals, youth organizations, and even the school.
  • You may want to consider enrolling your child into an activity such as martial arts that teaches discipline and that violence is not the solution to problems.

When a parent is proactive in teaching their child that bullying is not the answer, a very bad situation can be avoided. Being that school violence most stems from bullying, lives could be saved.