When Your Child is A Bully

If you come to find that your child has been bullying others then you need to step in and do your part to stop it right away. Children who bully are at risk of getting themselves into serious trouble, getting hurt or hurting others and as a parent it is your responsibility to do what you can to help them.

When your child is a bully you need to start by making it clear that what they are doing is wrong. Chances are that your child will know that it’s wrong but may not really understand why it is or just how serious bullying is. You need to explain to them as clearly as you can that bullying is not acceptable and these days it can even result in trouble with the law as schools take bullying more seriously than they used to as well. Your next step should be to try to understand why your child feels the need to intimidate and push around others. It’s not always the parents fault when a child is a bully but in many cases that behaviour could be a result of an unstable home life or even just a child longing for more attention.

Breaking your child of this bad behaviour won’t be something that happens overnight as there may be other issues at play so you will need to be patient and encourage your child to speak to you as well as take the time to listen to them. You also need to work together with the rest of the family to help build a strong set of rules and boundaries and ensure that the child adheres to them. Bullies usually have a hard time following rules so anything you can do to help them understand why they need to follow rules and what the consequences are will make a difference. And since bullying mostly happens in school where you can’t see it, it may be a good idea to speak to the child’s teacher and school guidance counsellor about your concerns and ways that you can work together to break them of the bad behaviour.

Being more involved in your child’s life is also extremely important. Take some time to find out what they’ve been up to and who they’ve been spending time with. Sometimes it’s nothing more than the influences of the wrong crowd at play. By knowing where they go and who they’re with you may be able to find the problem and stop it before it gets any worse. It won’t always be easy but if your child is a bully you owe it to them to do whatever you can to help them stop with this destructive behaviour.