10 things parents can do to stop school violence


School violence is the violence occurring in the schools by some students in order to harm classmates and teachers. For removing it certain measures should be taken which are as follows: -
  • House atmosphere: - Parents should provide the good and effective environment in the home. By providing cool, healthy and hygienic environment in the home parents can make bright future of their children.
  • Help of counselors and psychiatrists: - Parents can take help of counselors and psychiatrists in order to provide guidance in career, academics, social and personal issues.
  • Soft touch: - If proper love and care or soft touch is given to children at right time then children can easily understand the feeling of others and therefore they will not harm anyone. If you give your child great care and affection then he/she behaves the same in the school. So parents are advised not to perform any type of violent activity at home that will influence the mind of their children.   
  • Keep an eye: - Parents should keep an eye on children and should regularly examine the habits and their friend’s circle. This allows understanding the condition of children and if proper measures should be taken then children will not perform any type of violence in schools.
  • Friends: - Parents should keep an eye whether their children are involved with other children having violent attitude or not. If they are involved then it is a serious matter as your child can also behaves the same in future. So let him/her know for not to friendship with such children.
  • Media: - Media plays an important role in life. If your child is watching regularly violent serials, movies or playing aggressive games then you should keep an eye on him/her because regular watching of such type of content can make them aggressive and violent and they can behave the same in the school.
  • Time to time sessions with kids: - Parents should conduct time to time sessions with children. This helps in understanding their condition and thereby solving them to some extent.
  • Meeting with teachers: - Parents should go regularly to meet teachers in order to understand the current position of their child. This helps them to sort out problems of their children if any. Mostly schools carry out such type of meetings regularly so it is advised that parents keep an eye on such meetings.
  • No comparison with other students: - Parents should not compare their children with the success and failure of other children. Every student is unique and if you compare with others then he/she can have stress and depression which can results in school violence.
  • Parents should act as friends and not as elders: -Parents are advised that they should not behave like elders every time. For understanding the problems of your children you have to act like friends with them.
 As it is noteworthy fact that home is the first school of child and if parents take care and check the children then it becomes easier to give them bright future and prevent school violence as well.