Bring down violence in all the school campuses around you

Everything is fine for a parent when their kid is going to school and learning new things. But the real problem starts when kids come back home with bruises and cuts on their body. And when you ask the kid as to what happened the kid would say that he was physically assaulted by his fellow students in school. This is what is called as school violence.


School has been in existence for quite some time now and is really not a recent phenomenon. One of the incidents to prove this fact is the Bath School disaster which happened on 18th May, 1927. The Bath School disaster was followed by various othe incidents like the Columbine high school massacre, Virginia tech massacre, etc. These incidents have resulted in killings of lot of innocent people which includes the teachers and the students and this has ultimately put up a question whether schools are a safe place to be in for students or not?


These incidents of school violence have caught the attention of the media big time and they remain on these channels twenty four hours during the time of the attacks. The media should be responsible enough to spread the right message and not just sensationalize the news. They should make the people understand as to what is right and wrong. Their job is for sure to make people see the different issues and problems going around the world but they are also responsible to give the answers for the problems. The media should play a definitive part in fighting school violence.


Counselors are psychiatrist is good at solving mind issues of people and if the school thinks that seeking their help for fighting violence in school would be handy, then they should go ahead and do it. The reason why psychiatrists would come in handy is because they have dealt with such issues in the past and have had great success at it too. The school should study the behaviour of each and every student so that they could be put into different categories and appropriate actions could be taken against them. Thus such measures will help the school combat school violence.


It is the duty and responsibility to make the children understand the difference between a good thing and a bad thing as they do not have the maturity to understand it themselves. Schools should groom the children on three aspects, i.e. academic, social and emotional aspect. And if they are not able to do this, then they are not really worth being called a school. The school should provide an environment at school which is friendly, quiet and good for learning as children learn quickly through these secondary sources. The only way to stop or curb violence is by uprooting it from its roots. Just punishing or arresting the violent students would not help the cause. These students are just the problem but not the cause of the problem. The cause of the problem can be attacked or uprooted by creating awareness, spreading non-violence and making these kids understand the difference between good and bad and how bad an impact the bad activities will have on their future and their careers.