School Violence: Control better than punishment

Schools, until today, were considered the safest place for children. It is a well known fact that parents send their kids to school not only for basic education, but also for other recreational activities. Schools along with the parents were considered to be the pillars in building up mannerisms and character of the children. But School Violence in the recent past has uprooted all these beliefs. School violence is become a major concern for parents as well as school authorities.


So what is this School Violence?


School violence is the term given to the violence that occurs in the school. It includes bullying, gangs, physical harm to students, teachers and other staff and violence between the school children. Though rare occurring, school violence at times have taken the most dreadful terms where the students  also carry guns and knives to spread violence around. All these have raised a major concern among the parents and school authorities to take some preventive measures to control such school violence.


How can School Violence be controlled or prevented?


As said, parents play the major role in character building and behavior molding of the kids. In fact, parents are the first teachers that the kids have before even going to the school. Parents are solely responsible to see the condition of their child as only parents can understand their child better. School administration can effectively help in controlling the school violence only with the help of parents and teachers. Without the co-ordination and support of parents school administration can do nothing much.


So how can Parents help in controlling School Violence?


Internet, these days, is an information source providing useful information on almost all topics, including this one. There are many websites which provide information on school violence. Many of these are designed to provide support/advice and guide parents as well as teachers in handling the issues related to school violence.


As stated earlier, parents mean all to the child in its initial stages when it actually starts understanding facts. Any kind of stress, anxiety and depression or any unpleasant atmosphere can make the child violent. So it is the duty of the parents to keep their children away from such atmosphere and provide them a tension –free and happy environment.


Parents should regularly watch the activities of their kids. Children normally tend to get pulled by the bad company faster than the good ones. So parents shall observe whether their child is doing any kind of suspicious activity or having any weapons in bag, parents shall approach the child in good and calm manner.


Affection and love is what all the kids require. Parents can use these as weapons in handling violent child. It is the responsibility of the parents to give their children a lovely and secured environment so that they feel that they are cared for. Parents can also take the help of counselors and psychiatrists in tackling this matter.


No parents are the same nor are the children. So do not worry I your child takes a little longer to calm down his violent behavior. Patience and affection is all that is needed to get the child back on the track.