How parents can contribute to ending violence in school

The goal of parents as they send their children to school is that the children will learn information that will help them. However, there are cases where the children engage in violent activities in school such as bullying, sexual abuse, fighting and threatening their fellow students. Such activities have a negative effect to the school and to the children’s future. Rather than concentrating on their studies, children receive information that is detrimental to them and the society. There are ways in which parents can prevent these violent activities in school from going on.


The first thing that parents can do to aid in ending school violence is to provide their children with a comfortable environment to grow up. Children who are comfortable as they grow up will have stability in school and in the careers, they choose. Such children will have a positive attitude to life and will not involve themselves in violence. Parents should therefore guide their children in behaving responsibly by explaining to them why violence is not beneficial. It is also advisable for parents to present their children with a calm environment at home that does not include shouting and other forms of violent activity. Such an environment is ideal for the students will not emulate violent behavior that they can later practice at school disturbing other children. 


The parents can also contribute to ending school violence by ensuring that they attend parent-teacher meetings and other school functions. These meetings play a big part in the interaction of students, teachers and parents and they can get detailed information concerning their children. These meetings will also inform parents on how well or badly their children are performing in school and they should therefore always ensure that they attend them. Parents can also receive timely information about the children who involve themselves in any type of violent activity.


It is also important for parents to monitor the type of television shows and movies that their children watch. Children can learn to act violently from the movies or television shows that they watch. It is essential for parents to protect their children from exposure to violent movies and serials for this will ensure that the children will not develop a violent attitude.


Games are the other things that can influence children to act violently. It is essential for parents to monitor the games that their children watch of play and prevent them from playing games that have violence in them. Playing games filled with violence will make children get a violent attitude.


The other way that parents can contribute to ending school violence is to spend time with their children. A good way to do this would be to plan outings that they can go with their children regularly especially at the weekends. Parents should also offer help and guidance to their children when necessary. Good interaction between parents and children has a positive effect on the children for they will feel loved knowing that their parents have concern for them.


It is also important that parents seek friendships between them and their children rather than just being a father or mother. Parents can end incidences of violence in school by loving and caring for their children and giving them the opportunity to grow up in a comfortable environment that will fulfill the children and give them a brighter future.