Contribution of abuse in school violence

It is strongly believed that the two most important factors which play the major role in shaping and framing a child’s personality are his home and school. What he will become in future depends a lot on these two places and the kind of environment he is been given in these two buildings.
A child’s personality becomes the reflection of what he gets to learn at home and in his school and so it is very important that the parents become very serious at the time of choosing their kids school.
Few years  ago, this was not of great concern and worry for the parents to find in depth about the schools and their environment but  with time passing by this has become the main focus area for the parents as almost all the schools are adversely affected  with the social virus named as school violence.
Schools, these days are not safe anymore for the kids as all kind of violence is seen happening there. These are not any physical threats to the kids but mental too. Kids are been found with the arms, knives and many other instruments that may cause harm to the innocent children and not only that the usage of foul language among the students is also a contributor in the school violence.
 Our education system works with the participation of the students, the teachers and staff members and to keep this system work smoothly it becomes important for the teachers and all other members to keep their eyes open to any kind of Children abuse in the school. This needs to be taken seriously and treated well in time as else this may take the shape of school violence later. Everyone needs to be attentive to check on the children who are suffering from any kind if abuse as else they might be the key originator and contributor to school violence.
Schools that do not have their well framed disciplinary conducts are the key places where more cases of school abuse can be noticed. Any kind of abuse be the usage of foul words or behaviour if not treated immediately will lead to the bigger form of abuse and thus turning out to be a form of violence. So, it should be strictly instructed in the schools that anyone found dong any kind of act that can be placed under abuse or school violence will never be tolerated and strict disciplinary action will be taken against him so as to control happening of such incidents repeatedly in the school.
Child abuse in the school days can become a serious threat to his future life also as he might turn out to be harmful to his friends and peers.
Every individual in our education system has an important role to play to keep our young generation safe and happy and so everyone needs to be careful in keeping a check on any kind of abuse going in or around the school as it is our social responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment at school.