1.     Watch Keenly:   Parent should not only observe every development stages of their children, they should also keep their eye open in all the students’ activities, actions or inaction.


2.     Friends:     Parents can help their children future through systematic selection of friend. A proverb says, show me your friend, I will tell you the type of person you are. If parents fail to do this, they might end up blaming themselves.


3.     Always create a definite time with the kids. The parents should consciously create a friendly audience with their children. They should not give the children impression that they are abandoned, rather plan time for questions and answers.


4.     Stop unnecessary comparison with other children. Doing this could do more damage than the intending goods. It could also damage the moral of the children. Parents should be aware that no individual is exactly the same. God made each person including twins uniquely.


5.     Be tenderly: Instead of constant nagging and scolding, parents should show love, affections and speak with them softly. See them as a fragile chick that needs cuddling. Let them know that you genuinely love them and they will in turn be free to divulge secrets.

6.     Conducive and Friendly Environment: Every one, young and old feel tensed in a hostile environment. When need arise to show grievance express it briefly and forget all about it. A friendly environment gives no room to boredom or depression.


7.     Engage Psychologist and Counselors: These are the professionals special trained in human behaviors. Some even go further to specialize in children, they can also listen to children, study them and offer qualify guardian towards the betterment of their future.


8.     Parents should see themselves more as friends to their kids, by this, some level of internal relationship and intimacy is created and the children freely express their children.


9.     Parents Teachers Association:  This is basically a forum that meets at intervals to deliberate on the issuing relating to the life and growth of the children. A lot of matter could be easily dried ironed out at the meeting with the exchange of information from both sides.


10.    Media:  This though comes last but neither nor the least. The type of video games, TV show and movies your kids watch can either make or mar their career. God give us eyelids, I believe so that we can always close it to some thing. Wisdom demands that you keep your children select movies that increase their pool of knowledge and contribute positively to their future.