School Violence and parents Responsibility

Violent incidents in school premises is becoming common nowadays as students are forming gangs in school because of their differences. Students are getting tangled into gang wars within the premise of the school. Victims are created from these wars. These incidents are getting out of the hands of the school authorities as weapons such as guns, knives, etc are being brought by students to better help them protect themselves from the rival gangs. These kinds of fight are hurting the reputation of both the school and the nation. The schools of the country of United States of America are being forced to reform their rules and regulations by the parliament to stop or subdue these kinds of heinous acts by students which might lead to great harm to the educational environment of the country.


The government, after through surveys, found that the most important factor for violent and aggressive behavior from a student is because of the role of his/her parents played in their life as they began grow up. It is shown that parents who are both employed had trouble controlling their child as they grew up. They lacked to provide sufficient attention and care towards the child at an early age. Lack of attention and care from parents made the child develop arrogant and aggressive nature. This proves that parents play a vital role in the changing of a child’s behavior. So we are now going to provide some help in hopes of reducing such violence in school by identify some problems in the system.


Parents should be advised to monitor a child’s behavior pattern as he/she grows. Proper attention, love and care should be given all the time. The child should never be allowed to feel loneliness at a very young age. Loneliness creates jealousy and hatred towards the ones who are well provided which develops the arrogant attitude in him/her. Parents should always motivate their child to do good things. Motivational speeches and actions given to children provide an extra appreciation towards them. Parents should also see to it that the children are not misleading by others who might have a bad influence on him/her. Proper advice should be given rather than punishing or beating up a child as it may increase the rate of aggression rather than reducing it.


 Families with two or more children are faced with a common biased situation where the parents tend to care more for a child rather than the other. A biased situation like this creates hatred and jealousy by the child or children who are mostly neglected. Situations like these are unnoticed by the parents mostly. Children pick up these little things and start to have doubts in their minds which eventually mislead them to hating the parents and the favored child.


Advising to choose the right kind of friends in life should be overlooked by parents. A good friend circle will have positive effect on the child as well as the latter. So parents should provide sufficient attention and care to their children, while also monitor and advice them to a better future.