What can parents do to prohibit the violent actions of school students?

Parents are the first people that kids get to know on this planet and what these parents teach or expose them too is what the kids think are the best for them. And if the environment provided by these parents is wonderful, then there is no chance of these kids indulging in violence.

Parents make a huge impact on the behaviour of the kids, not only genetically but also externally. If these kids see their parents fighting with each other or if they see them abusing each other or using indecent language, then the kids will for sure pick that up and follow that in their lives too.

If parents want to see their kids not become violent or aggressive, then they can concentrate on doing the following things:

  • Meetings with children: The parents should meet their kids regularly on a one to one basis and try to find out their difficulties or problems, if they have any, and can thus help them out solve those issues.
  • Give the love medicine: Give love and spread the love message to your kids. If the kid is surrounded by love and affection, then there is no way that the kid would indulge himself in violent activities.
  • Be with your children: Whenever you feel that there are some problems that your kid is going through, be with them. Do not leave them on their own and let them face the music alone as they might get depressed and that depression might lead to violence in the future.
  • Keep a check on them always: Parents should always keep a check on their parents and if they think that they are doing something wrong, then they should talk over that issue with them. Kids should be counselled and made clear the effects of negative attitude and violence. They should be told how important their career is and what an impact violence can have on their future and their career.
  • No comparisons please: We must never compare our kids with the neighbor’s kid as kids find it disgusting and it also makes them feel bad. Every kid is unique and special and every parent should understand that. Making comparisons will only create a feeling of pressure and stress which would lead to them indulging in violence.
  • Who their friends are: Try to find with whom is your kid playing and what kind of person is that friend. If that person is violent, then that would affect your kid and he might turn violent as well. So always, keep a check on who is your kid playing with in the playground.
  • Smooth relationship with your parents: Parents should stop being the strict parent and should be more like friends with them as it would bring them more close to their kids and the kids would start sharing lot of intimate things with them. There should be lot of talking done between the parent and the child as that would make the kids feel that their parents are very concerned about them which in turn would create love and respect in the hearts of the kids for their parents.

 By following these above mentioned steps, parents can create more proximity to their children and would be able to share lot of things with them thereby succeed in deviating the minds of the children from violence.