Preventing School Violence – Tips for Parents

Parent’s have a major role to play during a child’s growth and development.  Parents are a child’s first teacher, and the home is considered to be a child’s first school.  Imagine if the environment around the child at home is not right, then the tendency of the child becoming violent is increased.

Children are like a dry sponge, they absorb everything, they learn quickly.  A child observes and sees that his parents are always fighting and using abusive language, they will think that it is pretty much normal and thus will try to copy what their parents are doing.  This in turn will increase the chances that the child will become violent and abusive.

To prevent children from developing violent behavior, parents are encouraged to follow this few steps:

·         One-on-one talks – parents should always remember to have a talk with their kids from time to time.  This way, their children will feel more open to talk about their problems and difficulties, and in turn allows parents to know these problems and gives them a chance to provide adequate advice to their children.

·         Cure by love – it has been proven that the best medicine to cure violent attitude is by letting children know that they are loved.  If parents provide proper love, affection, compassion and care to their children then the chances of the children developing violent behavior is greatly diminished.

·         Provide support during times of difficulties – parents should always remember to extend a helping hand and be there for their child especially when the child is experiencing difficulties.  Leaving a child alone during their time of difficulties will result in depression, and this in turn can trigger acts of violence.

·         Keep an eye on children – parents should always keep an eye on their children.  Keep an eye means that they should always watch what their children are doing, know their circle of friends and also be familiar with their daily routine.  This way, once a parent notices any suspicious behavior, they can immediately call their child’s attention and politely talk with them.  Parents should provide good counseling to their children by explaining to them the importance of having a career for their future.  They should also inform their children about the negative effects that violent attitude generates.

·         Comparison – parents should never compare their children to others.  This has negative effects on a child.  Every parent should learn to understand that each child has unique abilities and has different capacities for learning.  Children often feel dissatisfied whenever he is compared to others, and this will eventually lead to violence.

·         Friends – children will learn a lot of things from what their friends are doing.  If your children’s friends have such violent behavior, then they are sure to develop such violent attitudes.  Parents should be watchful about their children’s circle of friends.  Enquire about them, and talk with your child, this way parents will be able to guide them accordingly and steer them away from developing violent attitudes.

·         Comfortable relationship – parents should develop a comfortable relationship with their children.  It is best that parents acts as friends rather than being an elder.  Children are more open with their friends rather than their elders.  Parents should always spend sometime talking with their children.  An hour or so of talk is a great practice, as this will give a child the feeling of security and that their parents care about them.  This can easily be done during the weekends and if done regularly, children will develop respect for their parents.

If the above tips are practiced by parents, then they will be able to decrease violent tendencies among children.  Remember that a child’s future is easily shattered by any acts of violence, and thus proper steps must be taken in a timely manner to avoid such behavioral problems.