School violence issues for parents

School violence is increasing day by day in most of the schools. It is true that parents are sending kids to school for studies and not for violence. They want their kid to learn and grow. But after going to school kids are either becoming part of the violence or they are being threatened by other violent students. School violence is an issue that is concerning everyone including teachers, parents and school authorities.
Parents are getting tensed because of school violence. But this violent behavior of children can be reduced to a great extent by following the steps given below-
  • Love feeling for kids- love and affection is the greatest medicine for the violent behavior. Nothing else can reduce this violent behavior so effectively and quickly the way these feelings can. So give your child proper love and affection.
  • Don’t let them alone in their problems- parents should keep an eye on the children. If their child is facing any kind of difficulty then they should lend a helping hand to them. If a child knows that his parents are supporting him then he will certainly feel better and relaxed.
  • Offer them the best advice- by proper and effective counseling you can decrease the violent behavior of the child. Counseling can help them in giving knowledge about the negative effects of their behavior. Counseling can also tell them the importance of a good career.
  • Talk to their teachers- teachers can also guide students and can help them in solving their difficulties. Students can discuss their problems and issues either personal or related to studies with them.
  • If required talk to psychiatrists- they are the people who have done specialization in human psychology or child psychology. They understand child psychology very well and can easily guide you. They can provide assistance to the children also. This in turn can help in reducing the violent behavior of the child.
  • Strict policy by schools- schools should have strict policy against such violent activities. They should take strict action against such children so that they are scared of doing such activities.
  • Home atmosphere- parents should try to keep the atmosphere of the house cool and stress free. If a child has been brought up in such kind of environment then the chances of having violent nature is less.
  • Television shows- children should not be allowed to watch any kind of television shows that includes violence. They will see violence and become violent. So parents should keep a check on the programs that they are watching.
  • Company- friend circle of the children should be good. This is the age when a child is affected by its company the most. So if a child is having violent friends then he will become violent but if he is having friends who are cool and genuine then he will adopt similar nature.
Childhood is a very critical age and it is the responsibility of teachers, parents and school to pay full attention on children especially in this age as this age will form the base of their whole life. So a check is required at this age.
n the recent years, school safety has become one of the major issues to deeply concern about. The incidents of weapon possession, shooting, gang wars and sexual harassments are increasing day by day. There is no use of making each other accountable after someone willingly or reluctantly executes a tragic event. Life is precious and everyone must understand this. 
We cannot blame the law as it is performing its part in the most appropriate fashion. In order to prevent school violence all we’re required is an active participation of school administrators, students, teachers, parents, government, and law enforcement and of course, the community at large.  
Last year, an ill-fated incident took place outside a Seattle high school when a student was gunned down with a gang related drive-by.  The case was challenging in its own because it was not anyhow related with the education law.   It was a merciless example of cold-blooded murder and was clearly indicating how the high school and college campuses are becoming an appropriate hub for gangsters.  The case was reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court itself and raised the issue of school safety countrywide. 
Recently, the Supreme Court of the United States has provided an arrangement concerning to the possession of handgun. From the last several years, the handgun ownership within the province of Washington D.C. becomes one of the major subjects for debate.  During the case, Justice John Paul Stevens asked that the court requires some strong reasons and arguments in order to carry the broad prohibition. In reply, the public prosecutor supported his arguments with some shocking data.   He submitted a detailed report supported by the Chicago board of education. 
According to the report, a year prior to the case 29 students had been shot dead by others using the domestic weapon with formal license. And within the next 4 months 8 more students were killed. All these killings took place due to the breaching of domestic firearms related laws.  
The Supreme Court thoroughly agreed with all the facts as well as the related arguments. Eventually, the court passed some of the legal arrangements in order to curb such forms of legal violations.  
Besides providing some of the major legal enforcements it was also important to teach lessons to those who took the law in their own hands and took innocent lives.  All the accused involved in various school shooting incidences were charged with various legal acts including that for murder, attempt of murder, threatening and assault, promoting panic and endangerment and various other appropriate criminal offenses. 
Besides rewarding the criminals with various sentences, the U.S. Supreme Court also charged some of the major accused with various legal violation penalties. Such forms of penalties are normally prosecuted in the cases of civil damages  and also on the account of wrongful death. 
So, no one can claim that law is not playing its part.   But it cannot work in the benefit of society until and unless everyone stand against injustice and support law fully.