How can parents help in preventing school violence?


Parents play the most important role in a child’s life. They are the first school of the child. If the first school of the children is not providing right kind of environment, then the chances of kids becoming violent are more.
Children can learn things very fast and quickly. If parents are fighting in front of the kids then there are chances that they can become violent too. If they are using any kind of abusive language in front of kids then it is sure the kids are going to follow that as well.  
If parents want to prevent their children from becoming violent then they can follow few steps like-
§         Time-to-time sessions- parents should conduct time to time sessions with their kids. They should ask them about their difficulties and should provide assistance in solving those difficulties.
§         Cure by love- love is the best medicine which can easily cure violent attitude. If you are providing proper love, affection, care and compassion to the child then the child will not incur violent behavior.
§         Never leave children alone- parents should not leave children alone at the time of difficulties. If children are left alone at the time of difficulties then there are chances that they may develop depression. This depression can later on give rise to violence among children.
§         Keep an eye on children- parents should keep an eye on children and if their children are doing any kind of suspicious activity then they should immediately have a word with them. They should give them proper counseling and should explain them about the negative effects of violent attitude. Parents should try to explain the importance of career to the children. They should be aware about the fact that a good career can bring stability and satisfaction in their life.
§         Comparison- parents should not compare their children with other children. Everybody hates comparison. Parents should understand the fact that every child is unique and every child has different talent. This kind of comparison will bring a feeling of dissatisfaction and this dissatisfaction can lead to violence.
§         Friends- children learn most of the things by seeing their friends and if their friends are having violent attitude then they will develop such attitude too. So keep an eye on children’s friends and regularly enquire about them. This will prevent the incurring of violent attitude among children.
§         Comfortable relationship- parents should have comfortable relationship with children. They should act as friends rather than elders. If they will act as friends then children can share all their problems with ease. Parents should speak with their children at length at least once a week. Such kind of practice can be done easily on weekends. If parents are doing this kind of practice with their children regularly then the children will feel that their parents are more concerned about them. This will incur great respect for parents among children.
Parents can easily decrease violence among children by adopting above steps. Violence can hamper child’s future so they should take necessary steps at proper time.