Tips on how parents can contribute in preventing school violence

We send our kids to school to study.  However, kids are taking part in school violence.  There are a lot of types of school violence such as bullying, sexual abuse, fighting, threatening, and many more.  Not only does school violence ruin the good learning atmosphere of the school, it also destroys children’s future.  The truth behind, is that instead of studying and preparing for their future, they learn things that have a negative effect on both them selves and the community as a whole.

In order for us to be able to contribute in reducing children’s violent behavior, we can follow these tips:

·         Develop a comfortable atmosphere – it is imperative that the atmosphere at home be comfortable for both parents and children.  A calm and comfortable home atmosphere provides children with the warmth, stability and correct emotional growth that is essential for their development.  Children who grew up in a nice, comfortable home environment never exhibited any kind of violent behaviors.  When we say calm and comfortable home atmosphere, it simply means that there are no traces of any kind of home violence like usage of abusive language, shouting and fighting.  Once a child witnesses violence at home, he will think that this is completely normal and will try to imitate it in school, which in turn will disturb the class and cause problems for other students and the teachers.

·         Spend some time visiting their school – parents are always encouraged by the school to take part in parent-teacher meetings and other kinds of school activities that require their presence.  This alone is a way in which you can get to know what your child is doing in school, if he is misbehaving, and what is his normal routine when he’s not at home. 

·         Films and media – parents should also be aware as to what films and TV shows their kids normally watch.  In case a child watches a certain film or TV show that has action sequences in them, then they tend to learn it and would want to try it out in school.  This alone is one of the reasons why children develop violent attitudes.  In case your child watched these kind of show, it is the duty of a parent to stop them or inform them about the negative effects of such violent behavior.

·         Games – parents must also be wary about the kind of games their children likes to watch or play.  In times that a child plays a video game that includes violent acts in its game play, then it is the parent’s duty to stop them from playing such games, and to provide them proper explanation as to why you want them to stop.

·         Plan outings – however busy their schedule is parents should always remember to spend time with their children and never neglect them.  They should plan an outing with the kids if time permits them.  This can be done during weekends.  By spending sometime with their children, parents are able to interact with the kids better, and this in turn will provide them with the opportunity to provide proper guidance and advice to their children.  Children in a way will feel more comfortable with their parents.

·         Be their friend – Children are more open with their friends, so it is best that parents try to their best to be friends with their children rather than a figure of authority.

Remember, at the end of the day, parents are responsible for the well fare and development of their children.  They should always give their children proper support, care and love, this way they are able to create a good environment for their children.