Children are playing a dominant role in contributing to school violence. In the process of achieving their heartless desire, they forget that they are sent to school to study and nothing more. Rather, they engage in the most shameful and harmful to their life, the life of others and the entire society. Rather than studying to make their parent be proud of them, they digress to fighting, sexual abuse, bullying, threatening and all sort of hooliganism.


Parents should be made to understand the under listed point to reduce violence tendency in their children:


1.     Movies and Media:   Parent should be as well interesting in the kind of film, games and the TV series their children are watching per time. There are good films and movies as much as there are bad ones. It is believed that God gives eyelids to human so that they can close their eyes to evil. When the parents take interest in their interested films, they can easily introduce control when need be.


2.     Timely visits to schools:   Parents should not be too busy by being absent from the Parent-Teachers meeting at the stipulated time and place. They should also create time to attend any other functions of the school. From there, the parent can interact and hear directly from the teachers on the attitude of their children towards their studies. Jointly they can deliberate on way forward for kids.


3.     Friendly Atmosphere: It is the responsibility of the parents to create an enabling and conducive atmosphere for their kids. This will in turn enhance the studies and assimilation of these kids. When there is consistence growth and stability of career, violence thought and other vices will not have room to operate. The parents should ensure that shouting, nagging and abuse language are taboo in home environment lest it contaminates the minds of the children.


4.     Schedule Outings:   Parents should sometimes in weekend take their children out for some extra-curriculum activities. Rather than abandonment, parents can effectively feel this gap to maintain intimacy, guidance and timely support. Seeing these, the children begin to have some sense of belonging and the vacuum for violence is permanently closed.


5.     Productive Games:   Parents can acquire games for their children. It is no use for children to be reading and study for 24 hours to avoid the fatigue of brain. By playing these games, children can discover his/her natural talent, it can even help them in solving their related assignments. But parents should draw a demarcation between the violence and productive ones.


6.      Friendliness:   Instead of the traditional fathers and mothers relationships, it is more important to bring yourself low to their level. Be a companion and friends in need.


Without mincing words, having introduce the mentioned points, violent will sooner than later become a thing of the past in our schools.