Parents Role in School Violence

One of the most common yet shocking incidents of modern days is school violence. The incidents of school violence are not new to us anymore. If we evaluate the situation then we all somehow affected by the incidents of school violence. Either it happened in our family or may be our friends or relatives are affected by it. We are all aware of the situation. Frequent reports regarding school violence on television, newspaper proves that it’s not any isolated case. But yet some reason we are not reacting enough and that’s making the situation worse. Instead of facing the situation and controlling it we are avoiding it.

It is time to analyze the issue and act upon it. It’s time to give a proper thought to identify the true reasons behind it and taking proper steps. If we give it a clear thought may be some time we will find ourselves guilty. We all love our own kids and often a bit blind by our love. But we must not compromise or play with the future of other people’s child. We have to make sure that we take our steps very carefully.

We must treat our kids with love and affection but at the same time we must not overlook any mistake by our kids. We must keep a close eye on our kid’s day to day activities as well the performance at school. In case of mistakes we have to communicate with them. It’s very important to reach to them and make them understand the value of life and future. Make them understand the proper difference between right and wrong.

We must guide and keep a close tab on our kids. Form very minor activities to regular major activities. We have to look after very carefully. The kind of programs our kid watches on television and the kind of games they play. Small manners and behaviors are also very important to notice. Especially the language they use and way they react.

If there is any weapon at home it’s very much important that we should keep it out of our kid’s reach. Often by innocence they can create dangerous situation. We also make sure that they are aware of the things which are out of reach for them and must inform them that they should not touch them.

We are equally responsible for stopping the school violence with the school authority. We must take necessary precaution and steps to prevent it. We must create a healthy and friendly atmosphere for our kids at home. We must communicate with the kids for any difficulties or problem they might face. Try to understand the situation and guiding our kids in proper way is one of our main tasks. For critical issues we can always take help of proper counselor. A frequent communication with kid’s teachers will also help us to understand the situation.

It’s our responsibility to take care of our own child with love and support but at the same time guide them to the proper way and.