How can parents lend their hand in bringing down violent activities in school?

Parents send their kids to school with the belief that they would learn good things in school but instead most of them indulge in violence. They indulge into activities like damaging school property, bullying and beating up other students, etc. These activities are not only tarnishing the future of the students but also the image and reputation of the school. Such activities are very bad and also put a very bad impression on the society.


To ensure that these students do not indulge in violent activities, one can take the following steps:


ü  Calm environment: It is important that parents provide a very calm and soothing environment to their children at home. Such environments would inculcate nice feelings in the minds of the children and would not let them indulge in violent activities. Parents should teach them the importance of love and how bad an effect violence and aggression can have on their lives and their future. Parents should lead them by example by refraining from getting indulging in violence and abusing at home and not creating a violent atmosphere. Because these kids learn very fast from their parents and they do the same thing at school what their parents do at home. And if they do that then it would not only spoil their image in school but also might hurt other students and teachers in school.


ü  Frequent visits to school: Whenever parents get an opportunity to go to school and meet the teachers of their children, they should make use of it. This would help the parent understand as to how are their kids doing in school and what do the teachers have to say about their kids. If there are problems, then they can solve it along with the teacher and if problems occur in the future, then such things would be informed by the teachers to the parents of the children.


ü  TV and Cinema: Parents should keep a check on the kind of content kids watch on television. If the kid is watching lot of action movies or movies based on violence, then they should not let them watch that stuff as it would instigate violence in kids and they would do they same thing as well. So it is better not to let your kids watch movies alone and even if they are watching, ensure that they are watching some kids stuff.


ü  Sports: Parents should also see how kids are spending their leisure time. If they are doing it by playing games, then check out what are the kinds of games they are playing. If they are playing games which has a lot of violence especially video games, then they should not allow them to play those games as those games make violence look casual and not serious at all.


ü  Get some outdoor fun: It is very important that parents continuously guide their children and remain a pillar of strength for them. They should spend adequate time with them and if possible should go out with them regularly on weekends. This would give the kids the feeling that they are loved by their parents and that their parents care about them and are concerned about each and everything they do.


ü  Befriend them: Being a parent is very important but similarly being a mentor or a friend is important too.


It is the duty of the parents to provide a safe, secure and loving environment to their children as that is the only way they can inculcate love in them and also ensure that they do not indulge in violence thereby not spoiling their future too.