School Violence-A parents’ Responsibility


It is very common these days to hear cases of violence in schools where one gang of violent children beat up the rival gang. Well, you may feel that it is natural that a student gets into a brawl with his fellow classmate. But if this brawl is beyond the limits i.e. the use of weapons like guns, knives, mace etc in their brawl then it is indeed a serious matter. This is what is happening in most schools in the United States of America where students indulge in violent activities which ultimately end in severe casualties.
A survey conducted on this issue revealed that the role of parents is the most important and the deciding factor of violence in school and violent attitude of a child. Most of the students who have a violent attitude are the ones who are not given sufficient care and attention. It is those children whose parents are both employed that is affected the most. These children had the highest possibility of developing an arrogant attitude. Hence it is evident that parents are the deciding factor in school violence. Hence we shall discuss deeply into the role of a parent in reducing school violence.
A parent should take care of their child and look after them very closely. They should give them sufficient love and affection. A small pat on the back and words of appreciation are all that is necessary to show that you care for your child. Be specific when you are dealing with your child. Fulfill all his needs and make sure that he is never left to feel alone or empty. Also a parent should always monitor the activities of their child. Make sure that he is never into anything that could be misleading. Give proper advice rather than beating up your child whenever the child is arrogant.
In most of the cases, siblings do have a serious effect in violent behavior as well. It is mainly because of the parents’ biased behavior towards one child and sidelining the other. Though parents may argue that they are never biased with their children, certain actions and words will send a wrong message to the other child. For example you may buy one child a nice pair of jeans and you give the other child a small shirt. Things like this will surely raise jealousy. So be careful when you are dealing with your siblings. Make sure that you deal with each of them in a manner that satisfies both children.
The friends’ circle of a child has a great impact in school violence. Hence it is the duty of the parents to make sure that your child is with a nice gang of friends. In the end it all comes down to how you deal with your child, the manner in which you make him understand things. So, parents should be wise enough to move accordingly. They can also use the online resources to have a better perspective on how to deal with arrogant children.