School violence issues and the role of parents

Nowadays school violence is a very common issue and a subject matter of daily happenings. All are quite familiar with it as well as most of us are affected by it, through this violence may be directly or indirectly. We may come across school violence from famous magazines and newspapers or get to see it on TV. Magazines or newspapers dedicated to college life tends to bring forth this important issue However do we ever give a thought as to who is responsible for the same? In addition, being a parent, many a times we do encourage this devil in the child’s school.

There is surely a need for each parent to consider school violence seriously and make an effort in figuring out, if at all he/she is contributing to this issue in any way. It may not be done intentionally as a parent. However many a times, we tend to become somewhat selfish on part of our child and unintentionally harm the other child. This, in a way results into abuse to other kids, thereby becoming a part of school violence.

To treat your kid in a proper way or express your affection, love and concern is not wrong. However, if the child is not behaving in a proper way with the other children in the class, then this behavior should not be encouraged, any more. Instead, you should have a check on your kid instantly and try to make him understand that what he is trying to do is wrong and unacceptable. If you do not take this step, you would be equally irresponsible for his misbehavior towards other children.

Being a parent, you should be careful and keep an eye on the child’s activities while he is at home. Observe carefully, the type of games played by him, the language he speaks and the way he treats other individuals. All these though may seem like minor issues are effective indicators to understand the signs of violent behavior in your child. These efforts will aid you to decrease the possibilities of school violence and child abuse on part of your child towards others, thereby, playing an important role in social awareness and responsibility.

It is also essential to understand that you need to keep weapons or arms away for the child, in fact away from his vision and reach; if you have any at home. Generally what happens, they consider it a play material and try to use it in their school or class at the time of any arguments or fights.

It is the duty of the school management, staff as well as the parents to care of such events occurring in the schools. Parents have to take all the necessary precautions to avoid the occurrence of school violence. Only then the school management authorities can deliver quality education and knowledge to your kids and assist them in developing and progressing in their life to become a responsible citizen of the state.