School Violence Related Problems

When parents send their children to school, they expect them the study so they can gain knowledge and achieve a bright future. But the situation gets critical when they face school violence. When they see their children are threaten or beaten by school bully. Sometime the situation gets so complex that the child does not want to go to the school anymore because of the fear. It not only creates a physical effect but leave a mental effect too. This situation creates the difficulties not only for the child but also for their parents and school.

But the biggest concern is the situation is getting worse day by day. School violation became a very harsh truth and we cannot avoid the situation any more. Usage of dangerous weapons like knife and guns inside school campus it’s not a new incident any more. Students are threatened or worse beaten by those bully. The uses of weapons are often leading to death. And thus the violent students are not only spoiling their future but also future of many others.

School is the time when we create the base for our future. This is the time to learn, to gain knowledge. Depending upon the school we make our future life. But due to these unfortunate incidents like school violence, whole life of a child can be in danger. If we do not stop the school violence the violent kid can be a danger to the society after growing up mature. This violence not only create problem for the future of the child but it also create danger for many other children’s future. The reputation and atmosphere of school also get affected at the same time.

The report revealed that in the year 1992, around 220 deaths happened due to violate at school campuses around the United States of America. The usage of profanity and dangerous weapons are also inclining. Students and teachers are getting abused and violated by this bully.

Barrier of communication between the child and parents are often a big reason for violent behavior. Another reason is modern day exposure. Violence is easily accessible on internet, television even through games. And because of these effects the violence rate of school is increasing drastically.

Now is the time to take proper measure against this situation. Child is the future of a nation. The failure in providing a secure and safe environment for our child will lead our nation to a very uncertain future. It is now very important that we evaluate the matter correctly. We have to find the root of the issue and have to get an effective solution for that also. The solution of this problem is not fast and easy but it will prevent school violence. School authority, teachers and parents everyone have to take part on this. Proper guidance, effective counseling, friendly and loving atmosphere in and around School as well as home will prevent future school violence. This way we can secure the future of our child and nation.