The Role of Parents in Preventing Violence in School

Parents have a major influence on the lives of their children. They are the ones who teach their children how to behave well right from the start. They therefore have to provide their children with a learning environment that reduces the chances of the children involving themselves in violent activities.

Children grasp matters fast and easily and this is the reason why they are likely to imitate the violent acts that their parents perform. For example, they will learn to be violent if their parents fight as they watch. They will also learn to use offensive language if their parents use it often. Parents can follow some steps to ensure that their children do not engage in violence.

The first step that parents can take is to create the time to talk to their children frequently. They should inquire from their children what problems they are facing and find ways to solve the problems.  Parents can also help their children from engaging in violent activities in school by showing them love. Love will help cure a violent attitude towards others. If parents provide proper affection, care, love and compassion to their children, they will significantly reduce the chances of their children engaging in violence.

The other important step that parents can take to help their children evade violence is to give them unmeasured assistance in times of need. Leaving children to solve their difficult problems alone can make them experience depression. The children who have depression can later take part in violent activities in school.

Parents should also watch their children closely to make sure that they do not involve themselves with suspicious activity. If the children engage in such activities, their parents should counsel them, giving them the reasons why violence is not good. They should also offer guidance to their children and help them in making good career choices. It is important that children get to know that good career choices can help them enjoy a stable and fulfilling future.

The other way that parents can prevent the incidences of violence in school is by understanding that all children are unique and should therefore not compare theirs to other children. There is nobody who enjoys comparison and this is true for a child too for every child has a different talent. Comparing children to their fellow schoolmates leads to frustrations or dissatisfaction with themselves and this can bring about violence.

The other area that parents should make their influence felt is in the kind of friends that their children relate with daily. If their friends have a violent attitude, children can emulate it. Parents should therefore ensure that their children keep good friends that will not influence them to participate in violence at school. 

The other way to prevent violence is for parents to act as friends to their children instead of acting as elders. This will bring about comfortable relationships between them and it will be easy for the children to share their problems with their parents. It would be beneficial to the children if parents can make time for lengthy dialogue with their children every week. They can do this easily on weekends and this will help their children feel cared for and make the children respect them more.

It is possible for parents to decrease the incidents of school violence by following the information above. Taking the necessary steps will ensure that their children get a brighter future.