No responsible parents will ever send his or her child to school all to go and foment trouble, yet the incidences of school violence increases geometrically every now and then. They surely instruct their kid to go and learn and receive proper education. Having gotten to their various schools they either hurt or kill a fellow mate or get killed or injured by an individual or group. All the stakeholders are worried, but parents are much more disturbed.


This worried and disturbance can be reduced through the following means:


1.        Passionate Love for kids:  Of all the available medicine, it has been proved that love and affections are the most potent for healings. If this can be possibly applied to violence related issues, most kids will voluntarily renounce violence. Let the children therefore be given adequate love and affection.

2.        Psychiatrists and Counselors:   This group of experts could help students out of their predicaments if given the chance; many destinies could be restored to these students by their professional handling of issues.

3.        Peer group:  If peer is not diligently chosen by wisdom, a bad company can corrupt good manner. You only need to show me your friend and I will readily tell you the kind of person you are.

4.        Conducive and enabling home atmosphere:  Parents should always strive to maintain enabling and friendly environments at home every time. For any reason, when the home is becoming boring to children, it might give room for unethical thoughts. Which ever way, home upbringing impacts greatly on children.

5.        Stringent Policy and Punishment:  Schools should have its rules and regulations in order to maintain law and order. Each student should as well be signatory to this, so that whoever violates face the consequence including dismissal.

6.        Give the children some sense of belonging:  It is too risky to neglect and abandon kid to take care of themselves. Their brain has not been fully developed to that extent, so they need tenderly care.

7.        Offer them faithful advice:  Don’t wait for evil days, always give your kids parental advice and guide. This can help them to make a quality discussion as the need arise.

8.        TV shows and game plays:  Kids should not be allowed to watch just any kind of films or video games. Failure to do this can make or mar their future.


The co-coordinated efforts of parents, teachers and the government are passionately needed for the proper up bring of children from cradle. Childhood age is the formative age; failure to give adequate attention to children at the time can be too disastrous for the future of the child.