Home is the first class the children attend in life and parents is the first and the most permanent teacher. Any attempt, knowingly or unknowingly to make available the inappropriate kind of environment for the child, the child is prone to derail and eventually go wayward. Children by their nature are fast learner most especially by sight than by hearing. In most cases, children tend to take after their parents. Fighting before the kid, nagging and using abusive words in their presence are bad omens because, they will surely follow suit and ignorantly think it is normal way of life.


Parents can adopt the following methods to prevent their kids from turning violent:

1.        Don’t ever make the children feel lonely:  Every one needs someone to talk to most especially when things are going rough. To abandon any child at this crucial time for any reason is an open invitation to depression. At the full manifestation of depression can either lead to violent or suicide.

2.        Unfair Comparison:  Parents should desist from comparing their kid with another within and outside the family. This could be harmful to the future and career of the kids. Every human being is uniquely made so can never be exactly same. The twins or triplet born same day may look alike facially but can never be exactly same in manner, attitude, gift and talents. There is no good for nothing child, only the parents or teachers or counselors are not patient enough to study and discover him/her. Comparison leads to disaffections, advance to hatred which leads to violence.

3.        Parents are advised to deliberately create enough and constant time to give their children audience. Play with them, listen to their complaints and questions and be lovely enough to clear their mind with positive response. Any question the parents fail to answer will be answered by the “enemies” outside. This also could be dangerous.

4.        Companion/Friends:  Most things are learnt by children from their peers because of their informal relationship. They play together, eat together and possibly share and exchange experience. Parents subtly help their children to select their friends. In addition, let parents keep a watchful eye on the attitude of the friends’ vis-à-vis their child.

5.        Demonstrate Love:  It is one thing to be talking about love; it is another to demonstrate it. Parents should genuinely love their children. They can only change or teach children with love. Anything less can cause the child to repel by all means.

6.        Watch the children closely:  Keeping a close look over the children can help the parents to detect any immoral or unwanted behaviors. A timely and genuine counsel helps the children in choosing his/her career. Parents should be analytic enough to explain the pros and cons of every action the child is about to take.

7.        Informal and Comfortable Companion:  Parents should create a peer and informal relationship with their children rather than official and teaching relationship. They should see themselves more as friends and confidants to their children. As a result, the children are freer to express their ignorance as curiously without the fear of harassment.


To minimize violence among children, parent can observe the above listed points. Violence should not be treated with levity since it can be harmful to their future.