Ten different ways in which parents can contribute against violence in school

Violence is the tool adopted by some students in schools to hurt heir fellow students. There are certain ways in which violence can be stopped which are as follows:


  • Home environment: Parents must ensure a peaceful environment for their kids at home. Such great environment would ensure the grooming of children in the best possible way, thereby shaping up their future as well.
  • Take counseling and psychiatric help: There are counselors and psychiatrists who could be sought by these parents to get some help for controlling the violent attitudes of the children.
  • Love them: The parents should make their kids understand the importance of love and warmth and that they should not indulge in violence against others. The love and affection that we shower on kids is the same thing that what the kids do in their schools as well. So it would be better that these parents refrain from domestic violence or any other kind of violence as that would affect their children.
  • Keep watching: Parents should always keep their children under the watchful eyes and keep a check on the activities they indulge in. This help the parents understand what is wrong with the kids and if possible they would be able to help them out as well.
  • Friends: Parents should also keep an eye on their children’s friends and their behaviour too. If they are violent people, then your kids should be kept away from them as they could have a negative impact on them. And also tell your kids to stay away from such friends.
  • Films and TV: Films have become and integral part of everyone’s life. Try to find out whether your kid is watching violent movies or shows on television and if they are then should be prohibited from doing so because that would have a very bad impact on the kid and promote violent behaviour in your kids.
  • Interact with your kids: Parents should regularly interact with their kids. This helps in understanding them better and also an opportunity to solve their problems, if they have any.
  • Parent-teachers meetings: Parents should meet the teachers of their kids on a consistent basis. This helps the parents if there are any problems with their kids in school. Such meetings are conducted by the schools on a regular basis and it is imperative that the parents do not miss them.
  • Do not compare kids: Parents must not make comparisons between their kids and their friends. Every student is special in its own way and making comparisons would only stress them out which would ultimately result in depression and then turning into violence.
  • Parents should be friendly and not strict: Parents should create a friendly relationship with their kids. This is the only way they can get closer to the kids and would be able to understand their problems.




As the home is the first place where kids learn their real lessons of life and if there are wonderful lessons learnt at home, then there can be nothing better.