The Acts of the Parents That Causes Their Children to Become Victims of School Violence

The incidence of out break of school violence is becoming regular news in recent times. Going by the frequency it happens these days, school violence, if not checked with urgency that it requires, may result into a dreadful situation. Before, we hear it occurring in some places very far away from us, we were never worried, now we hear it happening very close to us, at times the victims are people we know. It is always the school within our locality or metropolis and the victims involved are either the child of a neighbor or a colleague in the office, or even the child of a distance relation. Now considering how awfully close it is becoming, we should be in our guide, for tomorrow it may be our child being the victim. Yes, I know you would say God forbid, or I reject that in Jesus name. I say, amen to that. But let us not stop at that alone; let us take action to prevent it from reaching us.


We should be careful how we treat other children, for if we exhibit considerable amount of preferential treatment to our child against other children, we may be igniting envy and jealousy in the minds of the children that lack that much care. This may manifest even in little things like pushing forward and hasten your child to reach the gate of the school ahead of others.  A child with violence nature, who was pushed in the process, may be offended that way, and in the event of out break of riots, may regard your child as a foe and may attack him. The fact is that violent children are provoked quite easily.


We should also remember that we can not discipline and train our child alone that is not possible; we do need the assistance of other members of the society to contribute in the process. Therefore, we should never think that the person that scolds our child or corrects his mistakes does not like the child, even if the person that corrects the child for his wrong is a fellow child in the same school. This is because, if you become angry and react wrongly, the child in question may take malice with your child and at any time of violence out break your child may likely be an enemy to be attacked. In the same vain whenever any child comes to you and complains to you about the wrong that your child does to him, kindly console the child and scold your child, warning him not to do such a thing again and making him understand the wrong in doing that. Sincerely speaking that is the best way of displaying love and affection to the child – correcting his wrongs immediately.


The parents should carefully watch how their child interacts with other children, the kind of language they use against other children to ensure that they interact properly and responsibly. They should ensure that the child does not go about interacting with his peers, insulting them and addressing them with foul language.


If you are in possession of weapons such as guns, ensure that it is well away from the spot of the child, for you never can tell what will happen if such a child sees it, he may  take it and sneak to school with it. This is quite likely with the child that has violence tendency.


The measures enumerated above will serve us in two different ways: The first is that, it will prevent our child from becoming violent and, secondly, it will reduce the chances of him provoking any child with violent tendency which will in turn also reduce the chances of him being attacked by such a violent child. Heed to the tips, they cost you nothing, and save the life and well being of your child in the school.