Role of parents in school violence

School violence, these days is a very common and day to day happening subject and we all are familiar and affected with this violence directly or indirectly. It can be your child suffering directly from it or may be any of your friends, peers or relatives’ children being the victim of this problem. We all read about it in the newspapers and magazines, get to watch it on Television but have we our thought who’s responsible for this aggravating problem and more over we being the parents are somehow encouraging this demon in our child’s school.
I am sure, you have never analysed it this way, but there definitely lies the need that every parent must give it a serious thought and try to figure out if they are also a contributor to this problem of school violence. You might not be doing it intentionally as being the parents you will never intend to harm or hurt any child but at  times  we become bit selfish on our kid’s part and then unintentionally hurt other kid in a way leading to abuse to any other child thus becoming a part of school violence.
Treating your child well and expressing your love and concern to him or her is not bad but if your kid is misbehaving with other students of his class then you should not encourage him rather check your child immediately and make him understand that whatever he is intending or doing is not correct as you are also equally responsible for that misbehave to the other child if you are ignoring your kid’s activity.
Parents also need to be careful of the activities what their children do at home. They need to pay attention on the kind of games the kids play at home, the kind of language they speak and the way they treat others as these  small steps can help a lot to reduce the chances of abuse and school violence on their kid’s part thus playing a key role in the social responsibility. 
It is also important and necessary that you should keep the arms away from the reach of kids if you have one at home as they might consider it a toy for their fun or try using it against any of their classmate during their fight as this has been observed in the past days in few schools.
It is not only the responsibility of the school staff and management to take care of the incidences happening in the school related to school violence but it is also the prime responsibility of the parents to take all the required precautions to avoid incidences of violence occurring in the school. Then only school authorities will be able to deliver the quality education to your children and help them develop and grow into a responsible and sensible human being which we all expect our children to be as we are trying our best to provide them with the best of our resources in terms of school and the environment to groom.