School Violence Related Issues

Every parent would dream of a better future of the child and send them to schools. Schools play a major role in the psychological growth of the children. But if one is experiencing problems at school such as riots among the peer mates, the interest towards learning would reduce and child’s mental health would be affected. Change of school would also not improve the conditions as riots and violence are common in schools as they are still kids and there are many kids in the school. There would clashes in thoughts and words giving a spark to riots.


This above threatening and beating is the result of school violence and it is increasing in schools now. Violence in school is one of the prime factors of increasing crime rate in the state. School violence is a painful and dreadful problem. It is also termed as one of the awful forms of violence because it involves small children. Kids who are having violent attitude are giving problems to other children. They are bullying them, threatening them, harming and hurting them by using weapons like revolver and knives. Bullying and other forms of threats are common in the school violence. Not just this, the kids are found using weaponry within the campus. Such attitude of some of the kids would spread quickly through out.


Children at this young age have very good grasping power and they would understand and imitate actions of people around them. Efforts should be taken to make then understand and help them differentiate between good and evil. Foundation for a better future can be laid only at this age and this foundation should be strong enough or else the child’s life would be spoiled. There are so many kids in the rehab camps due to school violence cases suffering from depression and addiction of drugs.


Due to the threats and riots in the school life of a child, the interest to go to school is lost and there by they would cultivate some sort of fear about schools. The violent behavior of certain students are not just spoiling their future but also affecting the lives of other children and also the reputation of the school.


The reports show that since the year 1992, there are about 220 cases reported dead due to school violence. The use of abusive language against teachers and other school official and other cases of use of weapons against people in the campus has increased drastically in the United States.


The friends circle also plays a role in the shaping of character of an individual. Choosing proper friends who can support and guide them through the correct path is important and the parents should take care of the whereabouts of their kids. They should know with who the kids are in contact and what they are planning everyday. This can help in stopping any sort of problems at an early time.


Strict action should be taken against the children who are into this kind of activities since the nation’s future lies in the hands of the children and that if they are treated well they would be able to become better citizens to contribute in the betterment of the society. With care, love and affection such behavior can be controlled and it would be possible to lay focus on the progress of the children.