Reduction of violent activities in school

School violence has become very dangerous to the society and all activities which include bullying, threatening, destruction of property, disputes with teachers, etc. is school violence. Now the bigger question is how can one bring a stop to this kind of violence?


Following are some of the ways in which school violence can be brought to a halt:


  • Environment at home: Parents should ensure that kids are raised and brought up in the right environment at home. They should fill the air with love and affection. This would have a very positive effect on the kids and in turn they would never indulge in acts of violence.


  • Solve your kids’ problems: It is the duty of the teachers and the parents to spend appropriate time with their kids and address their problems if they have any. Because if adequate time is not allocated to kids then they would not be able to solve their different problems which would put them into depression which would ultimately result in violent activities.


  • Get some counseling: Try to get some counseling sessions for your kids. This would help your kids open up and discuss their problems even more. Counsellors are people who specialize in such activities and they would be able to read the minds of the kids very clearly.


  • Popularity: Most of the kids become violent or indulge into violent activities because they want to grab attention and become famous. They think that bullying people, threatening people or damaging school property can make them popular and famous. These activities do make them famous and popular but teachers should make them realise that it is not the right way and there are much better and harmless ways of becoming famous and becoming the talk of the school.


  • Give them love and care: If the kids are raised with love and care or are made to live in an environment of warmth and love, then they would be positively affected as well and there would be very rare chances of them getting into violent activities.


  • Peer groups: It is very important that your kid is surrounded with the right kind of people around. People who believe in love and non violence too. Otherwise, violent friends would create a very negative effect on your kids making them violent as well.


  • No access to arms: Kids should not have access to arms and guns and security guards and men should ensure that the bags of each and every kid are being checked before they enter school.


Children are the foundation for any country. So it is very important that their lives are shaped up in the most affable and loving environment. Parents and teachers should provide them with this environment and must help them understand the importance of being good and non-violent. If a child grows well and with no black marks or hitches on its character, then it would not only benefit the kid but will benefit the nation as a whole. So, teachers and parent must understand that by helping these kids they are actually helping themselves and the country as a whole.