Touching the basis of school violence

Now-a-days it is quite common to hear or see the news related to school violence. But what is the reason behind this? Why it is increasing day by day? The answer of this question can be easily obtained if we try to find it out by our own. Actually today, the life of each and every person is so busy that he/she can not give sufficient time to the children. Because of this reason the child is forced to handle his problems by his own and that gives rise to violence.

It is true that home is the first school of any child. The child starts to learn everything first from home. When a child enters the school it may be possible that he can get better environment but in other case it is also possible that the environment of school is not suitable to him.

If a child fails to get a proper environment in school then it may be possible that activity like school violence can happen. Basically school violence is the name given to violence that generally occurs in schools. It may include harm to classmates and to teachers. Students get easily violent and harm anyone using knives, guns or any other weapons. Many surveys have also been conducted on schools which show that students get violent easily on short issues and cause harm to others.

In earlier time schools were considered as safer place but nowadays the scenario is totally different. Today schools do not seem safe enough in order to prevent school violence. As stated above also there are various factors that contribute to school violence. It is for this reason it is important to consider all the aspects to solve the problem from the root.

When a child sees violence in home then he behaves the same in school also. So the first important step for preventing school violence is to see that he is kept away from all sorts of violence at home. Also it is seen that some students turn violent because of excessive study pressure from their parents. Their parents expect too much from them which is even beyond their capacity. This makes them aggressive and they choose the way of violence at school. Thus it is important to first of all take give a supportive environment to student at home.

It is true that in today’s busy life everyone needs fast solution but the solution of school violence problem is not fast and it takes some time. School administration, parents and teachers need to get together in order to avoid school violence.

Internet is a medium where one can get help to prevent school violence also. Large numbers of websites are available that can help you in this concern. These websites not only give data about school violence but also provide proper guidance and assistance in order to avoid it. Parents, teachers and students should read such websites.

The child learns most of the things from his first school i.e. home. Parents are advised to understand the problem of their children and provide right atmosphere that is very essential for studies and growth. If parents fight with each other then it can cause adverse effect on child, so they should stop such type of activities.