Parent’s contribution to stopping school violence


Parents are sending kids to school for studies. But kids are becoming part of school violence.  School violence includes aspects like bullying, fighting, sexual abuse and threatening etc. It is important to note that it is not only hampering the school atmosphere but it is disturbing the future of the children as well. Children instead of studying at school are learning things that are extremely bad for them as well as the whole society.  
If parents want their kids to reduce violent attitude then that can be done by following these steps-
ü      Comfortable atmosphere- parents should provide comfortable environment to the children. Comfortable atmosphere helps in giving growth and stability to their career. If the children have growth and stability in their career then they will not develop violent attitude. Violent attitude can hamper their career in the long run. So parents should explain children the negative effects of violent attitude. In addition from parents, it is required to maintain a clam environment that is free from shouting or any kind of home violence. It is important because if students are seeing violence at home then they will learn it and practice it in school. This violence will not only disturb them but other children as well.
ü      Time to time visit to school- parents should definitely attend parent- teacher meet or any kind of school function of their kids. This kind of meeting or interaction will give them detailed information about their children. If parents want to know whether their kids are doing good in school or not then they should attend such kind of meetings regularly. Such meetings have the advantage that if the kid is showing any kind of violent activity in school then the parents will get the timely information about it.
ü      Films and media- parents should see the kind of TV shows and films their kids are watching. If they are watching any kind of show or film that includes violence then they will learn it as well. So it is the duty of the parents to stop them from watching such kind of violent films and serials. This will prevent the incurring of violent attitude among them.
ü      Games- parents should see the kind of games their kids are watching and playing. If they are playing games that include violence such as if they are playing video game that is including violent act then they will incur the same kind of attitude. So it is the responsibility of parents to stop them from playing violent games.
ü      Plan outings: parents should never neglect their children. If possible they should plan outings with their kids from time to time especially during weekends. They should always lend them a helping hand and should provide them necessary guidance and support at proper time. If parents are interacting and helping them regularly then children will feel that their parents are having great concern for them.
ü      Be friends: Instead of becoming father or mother, it is important to become friends of children.
It is the responsibility of the parents to provide full love and care to the children. They should always try to provide a right kind of environment to their kids because this kind of environment can give them a better future.