10 things students can do to stop school violence


School-violence is a word related to violent activities performed by students in the school due to stress, depression and any other type of problem. It is seen that today because of immense competition and growing expectations of parents, most of the students are turning violent. It is because of this reason only that incidents of school violence are increasing in number every day.
Here some points are given by which students can prevent school violence in their schools: -
  • Share difficulties and give solutions: - Students are advised to share difficulties of their classmates and to provide the solutions if present. Some students do not tell their problems to the parents and even to teachers. So it is the responsibility of their friends to understand their problems and offer them the best solution.
  • Tell harmful effects of violence: - You need to tell the harmful effects of violence to others. If students tell this to the student with violent attitude then he will easily understand the drastic affect of violence and this will prevent him from doing any crime.
  • Co-operation: - If students find better co-operation with the teachers and their colleagues then it becomes easier to solve the problem by their own without harming anyone. Students should cooperate with those students who are suffering from any type of stress and depression.
  • Meditation: - With the help of meditation one can relax his/her mind. A proper planned meditation definitely soothes the mind and it also results in good future.
  • Encourage Hobbies: - If you encourage hobbies of your friend and other students then it becomes easier for them to come out of stress. Hobby makes a person busy and also increases logical thinking and problem solving skills. So, by engaging the student in other activities, the problem of school violence can be controlled to a very great extent. For this you can encourage your friends to adopt hobbies like reading books, playing games etc.
  •  Discourage violent games: - The students can help their colleagues who are violent in nature by asking them to play games that do not involve any sort of violence.
  •  Inform immediately: - If any student observes any type of violent activity or planning of violent activity by others, then it is his/her duty to inform school administration about it immediately.  
  • Suspicious weapon: - If a student finds any type of suspicious weapon with other students then he/she should bring that fact in notice to the school staff or administration without any delay.  
  • Study problem: - If any student is facing any type of problem in studies then it can lead to irritation which can take the form of violence. So it is the duty of other students to help such students who are weak in their studies so as to solve the problem of school violence.
  • External help: - If your friend is facing any type of stress or problems then you should help him by supporting, guiding or providing external help like referring him to seek the help of counselors or psychiatrists etc.