The aftermaths of violence in school

Violence looks like the growing menace in every school in this world. This because the number of cases like attacks, physical fighting and shooting has been increasing in schools and has become a routine. The teachers and parents are responsible for providing calm environment to their kids at both home and school so that children would not be stressed and would not indulge in violence as a result. The parents should also get help from some community leaders to stop violence.


Most of the students who indulge in violence are the ones who are very low on self confidence and mental strength and they are the ones who are exposed to abusive and foul language when they were kids and therefore end up very foul-mouthed when they become teenagers. The teachers and parents are also aware of this fact and they try their best to stop these kids from using such language. The school should ensure that such violent activities are not tolerated and must be severely dealt with. The teachers should file a report for those children whom are constantly and consistently bashed by their parents verbally and physically at home because that would have a huge impact on their behaviour. It is not just a need but a right of a child to get love and affection at home.


The whole country has been disturbed by school violence and it has been proving disastrous for many students and parents. The violence in school has not spared anyone and has affected all from the students, parents and teachers. The violence in school is not only horrible but also causing lot of concerns. Just imagine the plight of those parents who come to know that their kids have been thrashed and killed because of school violence.

There is a huge impact created by this violence post the violence and everyone is concerned about it too. The reputation of schools has gone down because of such violence and that has resulted in parents getting afraid to send their children to school. Not only the people related to the school but here are outsiders too who are affected or have become victims to such violent activities.

One of the examples could be the Hart Middle School tragedy where three teachers were beaten up by their student who was just a teenager. This report was carried by the Washington post. In Washington DC, only seventeen percent of the students are interested in studies. The other group always indulges itself in violence. And as a result of this violence in school, there have been lot of schools in America which are short of adequate number of staff and teachers that further adds to the misery of the school.

Sometimes, girls are also involved in violence along with their male counterparts. As per the news published by Washington post at Dunbar High school, totally 19 girls were arrested for creating violence in school. The same thing happened in Anacostia High school as well.

So action should be taken against such activities if people want to see a peaceful environment in their country.