For several years, the USA’s attention has greatly been drawn to the nefarious activities of the school shooters. It is a statement of fact, through worrisome that school violence can readily be classified as next to the hard-core terrorists in relation to the destruction of life and property.


The extend and extent damage of these school boys operation is posing some questions:

1.        What are the boys identified with violence in school?

2.        What are the fundamental motive that prompt those boys to be involved in armed struggle?

3.        How best to filter information in order to prompt such attack?


A good number of people teachers and parents inclusive are still struggling to provide concrete answers to the above questions. It is noteworthy to emphasize that the listed question are relatively few when compare to hundreds of questions as regard the student violence still in the data bank. Obviously, the fundamental cause of violence in school is yet to be uncovered. An independent survey organization has however stated that there are several reasons rather than one or two behind school violence. These could be:

1.   Bad attitude of the teachers

2.   Forceful and unbearable parental attitude

3.   Tension and frustration

4.   Depression.


For the fact that everyone in life is running at the rate of survival of the fittest, the keenness of the competition is everywhere. As parents experience this in their workplace, the kids do in their various schools while the parents absorb, suppress or manage theirs by experience, the reverse might be the case for the children. The parents are much more needed to fill the gap through encouragements and love, bullying, scolding or neglect can be counter-productive. The result could be taking up of weapons for defensive and possibly counter attack that we now called school shooter.


The teachers, in addition to parents have their own portions of blames resulting in school violence. Most of them use selective judgment rather than objectivity when dealing with students. A students that is unfairly treated and grossly uncared for is not being helped most especially when the treatment is selective. Children are very sensitive and by their nature deserve tenderly cares and love rather than giving them this impression of abandonment and stigmatization.


I have never seen a problem that defies solution and there are as many problems as solution. To address the indecent  of school problems the parents and teachers need to put their difference aside, if at all there is and rub mind together in order to fix out the root causes to the social vice. If the why can be discovered, the how becomes cheap. If parents can correctly understand the psychology of their child from birth to breastfeeding and toddling, it should not be difficult to do as the kid can now express themselves same goes with the teachers who have receive some skill relating to students psychology. If this is done, definitely, profile of school shooter, can be erased and school violence stopped.