Better Ways of Dealing with School Violence

The last decade has seen a tremendous increase in the rates of school violence. Such cases have always been reported in newspapers and televisions especially when a student goes on a shooting spree. Many people always ask why or how this happens. The bigger question is usually if there is a way of dealing with the problem. Normally, if you find a student with an aggressive attitude, he or she comes from a home where parents are always fighting. The behavior can also develop if their neighbors use abusive language since children usually copy what they hear and see.


Such an aggressive student will always try to vent anger with other students in school. The amount of frustrations experienced at home triggers a huge amount of violence and aggression.  The question of dealing with the problem is the hardest to answer. Some people may think that sending the children to juvenile jails or expelling them from school might solve the problem. However, this is not a solution. It is like fighting fire with fire.


When you send such a student to jail, he will be further humiliated and tortured leading him to have more resentment towards the society. This will mean that the child will grow up to become a violent person who knows only violence. To avoid such situations, it is important to shower such children with love and show them respect for their good acts. Showing appreciation for small things like finishing homework, passing exams or dressing up tidily can have great results.



Parents and teachers should also talk to the children with respect and love as this is what most of them lack. Of course, this will not have instant results, but constant treatment with respect and love will encourage them to change. For students who are caught bullying others in school, its better to take them through a counseling session to help them understand the negative effects of such behavior. Compared to the ordinary method of reprimanding them or taking them to the principal to be punished, counseling might produce better results in the long term.


If such behavior continues, the parents may be called in to  put the child into rehabilitation centers, which are better, equipped in teaching people how to live a positive life and deal with anger. When a professional talks to the kids, they learn to take care of their deep emotions and realize the futility of their actions. Sometimes a violent student can be tamed by placing responsibility on him or her. This will indicate that you can trust him and that you love and respect him. Instead of resulting to violence, he will remember the love and respect therefore putting a check on himself.



A good indicator that jails do little to deter or reform people is the rising crime rates in the whole world. Sometimes though, the students may be involved in big crimes necessitating the use of the juvenile option. However, even in such cases efforts of reforming the student should not be eliminated. If we succeed in curbing violence in schools, we may succeed in lowering the crime statistics in the world.