What is School Shooting?

School shooting is nothing but the same as that of school violence. It is probably the revised term of school violence just because the instances of violence in schools have become too common these days. Every day there is at least one or two cases of violence in schools. We hear news about one gang of students busting open the head of another student who opposed them. We hear about children possessing weapons like knives and guns inside a classroom. Seriously this is a disturbing accusation on arrogant students who should be studying at this moment rather than indulging in unnecessary activities like these.


Staying on with the new term used for school violence i.e. school shooting has been named since many shooting incidents has been carried out by adolescent children in the school premises. If you find it hard to believe then I have the examples for you. The history marked one of the worst cases of school shooting in the year 1999 in Colorado, United States of America in a school named Columbine High school. Two students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold took the wrath on their fellow students who were bullying them constantly. These two students killed twelve other students of their school and one teaching staff other than injuring twenty five people. They finally killed themselves too. This shooting incident left the world baffled because this was one of the very few incidents in the history which saw students go to the extremes of going on a killing spree.


Another famous shooting incident is the Virginia Tech shooting which happened only in the recent past. It happened in the year 2007 when two Korean students took the law on their hands by killing all other American students in the school. This was because these Korean students were always harassed by their American counterparts and these students could not tolerate such mistreatment and they gave vent to their fury by killing at least a dozen people before killing themselves.


There is another incident which marked the beginning of school violence though the students are not the culprits. A school owner became terribly upset over the property tax imposed on his school buildings that he bombed the entire building and killing nearly 45 innocent children. This was known as the Bath Township incident of 1927. Bath Township is a small town in the city of Michigan, United States of America and this left the world mourning for a terrible activity by an insane human.


School shooting can be countered by strict laws, rules and regulations. Since students cannot be dealt by the police forces or any other law enforcer it is the duty of the parents, teachers and the school authorities to take charge of keeping the students under control and under complete vigil. Parents should be responsible and loving enough to understand all needs of their child. They should also monitor the activities of their child so as to ensure that he never gets into a bad company. Similarly it is the duty of the teachers and school authorities to keep violence of any forms in check.