How to Deal With Violence in Your School

It is very important for every parent to try to take his or her child to a school that has a relatively secure environment to ensure that the child does not fall prey to school violence. These days there are many reported cases of school violence indicating a steady increase in this vice. Such trends can make any parent to get worried about the safety of his or her child. Every school has students who are known for their bullish ways. Such students are always harassing other children. Some of these bullies use the excuse of little things display their aggressive behavior.


If a school has students with such behavior, it is good for the administration to take precautions to prevent escalation of violence. There are different precautionary measures, which a school can take. However, some are better than others are while others may only transfer the problem elsewhere. First, the school should have programs held in the school regularly to teach the students constructive ways of dealing with problems rather than resulting to violence and destruction. This means that the students should be taught to talk things over rather than fighting.


In the same breath, the school should have extra curriculum activities, which allow the students to mix and bond. The school should have strict policies and guidelines with regard to school violence. This means that any student caught engaging in violent behavior should be counseled and his or her parents informed. If such a student repeats such behavior, the school administration can result to suspension. Such policies should be very strict on matters of gang formation within the school. Counseling of students should involve their teachers as well as their parents.


Schools should also have adequate security measures put in place to limit the chances of extreme violence. This can involve the presence of security guards during recess or after school hours, since it is the time when most violent acts occur. All parts of the school compound from the cafeterias, the hallways, to the bathrooms should be properly manned especially break time to prevent violence.  Sometimes violent behavior is escalated by presence of outsiders in the school. To prevent this, every student should have an identity card hence eliminating antisocial elements from the school.


The school can also invest in security equipment such as security cameras and metal detectors, which should be placed strategically in places where the students spend their breaks. Such devices can also be placed at the school entrance to prevent students from carrying weapons to school. Finally, parents should also be actively involved in keeping a check on the occurrence of violence in the schools.


Every parent should ask the children how their day was and if he or she senses something unusual or someone bothering the children, take the necessary measures. A constant check on your children will alert you when there is a problem even in cases when they do not want to talk about it. This will help you take necessary measures to prevent the situation from blowing out of proportion. These are just some of the ways that you can use. However, the list is not exhaustive.