Decrease in school violence


School violence is creating a lot of trouble among people and society as a whole. It includes bullying, rape, fighting with teachers and other staff members etc. Now the question arises how school violence can be decreased?
There are various steps by which school violence can be decreased-
  • Home atmosphere- Parents should always try to provide right kind of atmosphere to the children. If you want children to grow properly then a right kind of atmosphere is needed. It is the duty of the parents to provide full care, love, affection and guidance to the children. 
  • Help children during difficulties- Parents and teachers should always try to help children during difficulties. If proper attention is not paid at proper time then frustration can occur among children and this can lead to depression. So if you want to prevent children from such kind of problem then help them during their difficulties.
  • Counselor- Children can become violent if they are not given proper counseling. Counseling can provide guidance and assistance in planning their career and this in turn can reduce their violent attitude. Counselors are the people who have done specialization in child’s psychology so they can help child a lot.
  • Fame- Children want to be famous in school. For becoming famous, they perform such kind of activities like threatening other students, bullying them, rape, theft and killing teachers, students and principals etc. So if you want to decrease such kind of violence in school then a proper counseling should be provided to children. Teachers and parents should explain them other effective ways by which they can become famous. These ways are genuine, nice and can make children famous as well.
  • Treat children with proper love and affection- If you treat children with love, affection, care and compassion then the chances of developing violent attitude among children are pretty less. So treat children with full care and love.
  • Group efforts- children are having a very great impact of their group. If all the members of the group are having violent attitude then they will develop violence in their attitude as well. So it is the duty of the parents and teachers to see the company of their children.
  • No access of weapons- There should be strict restriction on the use of weapons in schools. Guards should check school students and their bags or lockers regularly.
Children are the future of nation and if growth and success is required then it is very important to pay attention towards children’s attitude. It is the responsibility of schools and parents to groom their children well and explain them the negative effects of having a bad attitude. This kind of grooming will not only improve child’s future but it will improve the nation’s future as well. If a child is having nice and genuine attitude then he/she will do good in both personal as well as in professional life. So steps should be taken by schools and parents to reduce such kind of violent attitude among children. If they are able to reduce it is going to help everyone.