What Students Can Do About School Safety

It’s easy to leave it up to your school to take care of school safety and security issues and hope for the best, but why do that when you as a student have the power to take charge and make a difference so that your school can be safer.

People often report feeling helpless when it comes to school violence and crime. They’re not happy with the way things are, they’re anxious and even in fear when it comes to going to school each day, they see all of the horrible news about school violence on TV, yet they sit back and twiddle their thumbs instead of doing something about it. Does that seem right to you?

When we say that students should take control and do something about school safety we’re not talking about playing the hero or about vigilante justice! What we’re talking about is coming together to do what you can to make your school a safer place for you and your fellow students. You actually have more power then you realize. You know how they say that knowledge is power? Most of the time you just need to be pointed in the right direction and given the knowledge that you’re lacking about school safety programs and what can be done about it. That’s where we come in! Here are a couple of ways that you as a student can work to make your school safer. Both of these ideas are ones that are being used by other students around the world right now. Have a look at these suggestions and see which one you would like to try.

Ways to Make Your School Safer

Start a Social Group: It’s been proven that students who are involved in groups and social activities are less likely to get into trouble or become violent. So why not start a group that focuses on doing positive things or fun things? This gives students a place to come and feel the sense of belonging that they may not be getting from home. Having this sort of option available will also help keep kids from joining gangs in order to be a part of something, and gangs are often responsible for making schools unsafe.

Educate Others on Bullying: Students around the world have been joining together in schools to educate others about bullying. Speak to your teacher about getting the word out via flyers and posters and even an assembly. Get everyone involved and even enlist the help of speakers from kids who’ve been bullied to police officers that can talk about the dangers of bullying to even local celebrities who may be willing to share their stories. This will not only let others know the dangers of bullying and the impact it has on school safety but it can also help students and teachers to spot the signs and identify and stop bullying that is going on in the school.