Types of school violence


It is absolutely right that for some people the concept of school violence is vague.   People believe that school violence is nothing more or less than school shooting, but this is not so. The actual meaning of school violence is quite broad. 
So, before proceeding towards the types of school violence it is important firstly to understand the real meaning of school violence.   After understanding the meaning of school violence one can easily predict the forms of school violence.  According to the North Carolina Department for Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention, school violence is anything that can hamper the school atmosphere and its education mission.  This type of violence can include physical and verbal action, turf lines, drug use, etc.  
In the past, the incidences of school violence even hit the segments of print and electronic media. Some of the unfortunate but major incidences of brutal school violence include shooting at Columbia High School in the year 1999 and “drive-by” incident that took place in a Seattle high school.   
Now, as you already have a general idea of what school violence actually is. It is the right time to look forward and discuss about some of the common types of school violence.  Some of the general categories of school violence include bullying, fighting and assaulting inside or outside the school premises, bringing drugs and other harmful components to the school, sexual harassment, vandalism, robbing or stealing, bringing handheld weapons and firearms inside the school premises, etc. 
Fighting and bullying are one of the common types of school violence. You can even witness the incidences related to them in the elementary schools. One such attitude is quite common with those students who have a mind-set of annoying or dominating others. Gang rivalry also leads to such violence.  
Bringing harmful drugs inside the school premises is not only a serious issue of concern for the school administration but for the Federal Department as well.   Local gang members of the neighborhood usually provide drugs to the junior members (secondary and senior secondary students) of the gang.  
Sexual harassment is one of the serious issues for the school administrations to tackle. This type of school violence is quite common in the schools of sub-urban and rural localities.  Most of the cases associated with sexual harassment are censored in order to protect the prestige of school and school administration. 
Most of the people are not well familiar with the word “vandalism”. This word truly means to damage or completely destroy the properties of others intentionally just in order to seek some fun.  
Stealing and weapon possession are also the common types of school violence.  In the past, a large number of students were shot dead with the guns illegally possessed by other students.   
If we can investigate the root causes behind the incidences of school violence then we can relatively curb the problem with ease.  Firstly, it is important to thoroughly evaluate the psychology of the students and reasons existing behind such an attitude.