Emergency help centers for violence in school

Advancement in technologies and entertainment has done a lot of good to the race of mankind but it has also at the same time made these human beings very busy and pre occupied. This packed schedule ensures that they do not have time even for their children and as a result these children who have no one to look after get into paths which is very detrimental to their future. Proper supervision and care must be given by the parents and teachers to these kids otherwise there are very good chances of these kids getting into paths which would not only cause damage to their life and career but would also make a huge negative impact on the lives of the innocent people surrounding these violent people.


Responding to crisis situations: There should be good preventive measures in place to handle any kind of crisis situations. There are associations like NASP (National Association of School Psychologists) which are actively involved in creating awareness about education and freedom in schools among students. These associations help a lot in creating a wonderful environment for the school and also creating an environment of calmness and peace. For ensuring safety in schools, there are lots of schools which are involving these associations on their campus for bringing down the violent activities on their campus.


Response plans for model crisis: There was a model on school crisis prepared by the education department of Virginia which was meant for usage by schools. This plan includes plans, strategies and forms that are to be implemented by schools. This plan ahs been used by more than 80 schools approximately and has helped in bringing down the violence to a great extent.


Threat assessments: A study was performed by the Secret Service of US which laid a lot of emphasis on how thinking and behaviours are inter-related. The main objective of this service is to provide vital information to all those schools combating violence as it would come in very handy for such people.


Preventing violence: The health related problems of students or emotional problems are being taken care of CMHS (Center for Mental Health Services) which are reasons for violence in school. Hamilton Fish Prevention Institute also has a program which is uses to test the violent activities effectiveness related to schools.


Plans against anti bullying: Bully prevention is a program prepared for kids who are victims of bullying. The people who work for this program are basically staff related to school and is basically carried out in schools. Sessions on conflict management are also conducted on a regular basis for stabilizing the emotional balance of the kids and every student is expected to attend these programs.


Service learning: There are lot of resources and materials provided by NSLC for improving the projects and assignments relating to service learning. All the tools and study materials are provided by NSLC.

Research activities: The Fast Response Survey works on the problems relating to education at the primary and high school level. It was basically prepared to satisfy the needs of decision making people and planners.


Thus, this is what crisis centers for school violence all about.