Benefits of profile of a school shooter

It is a fact that when it comes to school shooters, they have fascinated the country of USA for a very large number of years. Though it is shocking but the truth is that besides the hardcore terrorists, there are even students involved in the shoot outs. Isn’t frightening? Yes it is!


All such incidences force us to think what is the reason behind this problem? What are the factors that compel an innocent child to take weapons, and finally the biggest question is- Is there any way by which one can get a hint of such incidence so as to stop them well in time?


The above mentioned questions are few general questions for which most of the common people including parents and teachers seek answers. It is important to note that still the main reason behind the occurrence of school violence is not very clear. But a survey done by an independent organization reveals that there is not just single reason associated with school violence rather there are an end number of incidents responsible for that.  For instance a child opts for taking gun in his hands either because of frustration or depression or because of extreme pressure by the parents. Also sometimes students commit crime because of wrong behavior of the teachers. Thus there are various reasons responsible for the incidents of school violence.


It is true that today it is very hard to survive in this competitive and fast changing world. Today it is very important for both parents to work for the betterment of the future of their child. This environment is challenging not just for parents but for the children as well. As job options are really very limited the rule of survival for the fittest applies here. Every student studies with the pressure to secure only the top most situations. Parents without understanding the capabilities of their children force them to work harder and harder. As a result of all this, finally a time comes when a child finds himself in the stage of depression or frustration. Out of frustration he opts for weapons for taking revenge and this is how the profile of a school shooter comes into picture.


Just like the parents, school teachers are also to some extent responsible for the problem of school violence. They sometimes treat students harshly without caring what impact they will get from such behavior. Sometimes they go for things like partiality or discrimination among students. This also puts a very bad impact on the small brains of the students.


Thus there are number of elements involved in influencing a child to go for school violence. It is true that where there is a problem there is always a solution. The same thing applies with school violence aspect as well. In order to stop or prevent this problem, there are several options available. For instance as this problem is more or less somehow related to parents and school administration it is important for both of them to get into the insight of this problem.


They should try to understand the psychology of the students and must act accordingly. It is with the help of joint efforts of all that this problem of school violence can be stopped and by this way we will not be able to find the profile of a school shooter.